Harnessing the power of the cloud with the scalability of machine learning will detect and prevent malware with effectiveness far beyond any traditional signature-based solutions.

Cylance provides a unique artificial intelligence-based approach that predicts and protects against known and unknown malware threats, even before they appear in the wild.

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In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, data is the fuel that drives businesses forward – from managing the mundane to understanding how to accelerate growth. Unfortunately, data is also exploited by ever more sophisticated cyber criminals which demands next-generation threat protection.

Cylance is the first company to apply artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithmic science to cyber security. With technology that remains effective – even without updates – for years into the future, Cylance improves the way organisations can proactively solve the world’s most difficult security problems.

CSI has integrated Cylance AI-driven threat protection into core cyber security solutions. With the expertise in its Cyber Security Centre, CSI has helped many clients recover from data breaches that were the result of deficient cyber defences – and recovery is immediately followed by deploying Cylance technology to prevent future exposure.

More fortunate clients engage CSI to proactively review cyber defences before any damage occurs. Without disruption to business operations, any outdated anti-malware protection can be replaced with Cylance next-generation threat prevention.

Synlab Group is a market leader in diagnostic medicine and partners with the NHS to deliver high-quality, cost-effective pathology services. In an environment with very little margin for error, data breaches that affect availability of Synlab’s IT infrastructure go beyond damaging reputation to having life and death consequences.


As a result of both acquisition and organic growth, Synlab’s network of laboratories span the UK. While infrastructure across its sites vary, transmitting sensitive patient data to clinicians needs to be reliable, immediate and above all secure. With some pathology tests performed mid-operation, continuity of service is critical.


Building on a five-year partnership, CSI and Synlab identified a need to target the risk presented by zero-day threats. The solution had to reduce the management burden on IT staff, provide protection independent from internet connectivity for signature updates and have a minimal impact on endpoint processor, disk and memory. CSI was able to meet these requirements with a cyber security service underpinned by AI-driven CylancePROTECT technology. This provided continuous endpoint protection without disrupting the end-user.


Synlab has significantly reduced its exposure to rapidly changing risk. Supported by Cylance technology, CSI’s Cyber Security Centre provides advanced warning of malware and minimises the potential impact from zero-day threats. The scalable solution can expand as threat profiles increase and a real-time ability to identify tell-tale patterns before they become attacks means that Synlab now has a perpetual edge on threat.



While one in three NHS trusts were impacted by the WannaCry attack Synlab was unaffected


With CSI and Cylance, Synlab avoided costs associated with the attack which were on average £1.57m


Throughout WannaCry, Petya and subsequent cyber-attacks, Synlab’s critical compute availability has remained consistently above 99.98%