The Challenges Facing IT Operations.

In the digital economy, companies are under pressure to constantly improve customer experience. Sometimes this can run counter to the IT Operations mandate to maintain stability and friction arises between IT Ops and Development teams.

New technology and systems offer you the ability to things better, quicker, faster – even cheaper – which makes it easier to quickly adapt in a changing market.

Systems you’re already familiar with offer comfort and reassurance when it comes to SLAs, data protection and risk management.

So it’s important to get it right. 

It takes real expertise to know which services you should move from the ‘ground to the cloud’ and how to modernise applications without taking unnecessary risks.

This is where CSI comes in. Our specialist team truly understand how to help enterprises optimise, future-proof and secure their IT systems. We’ll make sure you’re ready for whatever comes next.

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What’s Holding You Back Today?

  1. Legacy Systems

Companies that don’t embrace emerging technology are missing out. Many IT operations teams have the burden of legacy systems that are still mission-critical even though they run on traditional on-premises or hosted IT platforms.

They’ve been refined through an iterative process over the years and dismantling a legacy system’s architecture is a huge business risk. But even when a legacy system is retained, the application modernisation journey can start by surrounding existing applications with new innovative cloud-native services.

For example, a bank with a core system that provides services for deposits and withdrawals can introduce a complementary cloud-based location service to find the nearest ATM. A legacy system doesn’t have to act as an anchor preventing a company from taking advantage of cloud-native efficiency and flexibility.

2. Not Enough IT Automation

Reactive IT departments find it difficult to break out of “fire-fighting mode”. Every day something urgent diverts staff from value-added activity with serious consequences.

Employees – already a scarce commodity – are less productive and processes will be slower. In turn, where employees look for a quick workaround, this is turn causes more issues.

With so much IT effort devoted just to keeping the lights on, IT automation is appearing on more agendas. However even this is not an easy transition as there is often a lot of remedial work to be done to fix the IT jigsaw puzzle before automation can be made workable.


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