What are IT Budget Restraints?

Pressure on IT budgets is not new, but there are increasingly innovative ways to meet the demand for high performing systems by spending differently, rather than spending more.

Organisations are improving cost-effectiveness by taking advantage of public cloud services, dynamic application resource management, IT automation, third-party managed services and more.

With the pay-as-you-use model, more enterprises are embracing cloud computing to reduce costs, but this has to be qualified – well architected and properly managed cloud environments can save money.

“Cloud done badly can actually be more expensive.”

As companies increase cloud spend, many are also wasting more and more. Respondents to Flexera’s ‘State of the Cloud’ survey estimated that up to a third of cloud spend is wasted on unused resources.

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Is Your Budget Aligning with Innovation?

It critical to control cost as part of a cloud strategy, but with the client experience and business profitability ultimately driven by applications, cost saving can’t trump app performance. Application performance management (APM) and application resource management (ARM) can proactively and automatically allocate system resources ensuring optimal performance and availability and by reducing the use of unnecessary resources in real-time saves cost.

Most IT organisations face growing infrastructure size and complexity and with limited time, staff and budget, IT teams can struggle to meet delivery timescales. Applying automation to common management tasks  like provisioning, configuring, deploying, and decommissioning. An enterprise-wide automation approach can help reduce costs as well as increasing quality.

As enterprises roll out new complex technologies many turn to MSPs with specialist skills to provide cost-effective solutions for organisations where low IT budgets put pressure on enterprises. Bypassing the need for additional staffing costs means enterprises can realise significant savings. Managed services can help IT teams to manage their infrastructure and address risks in an efficient and cost-effective way.