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Payroll is at the  heart of every organisation. Ensuring that all employees are paid accurately and reliably is a critical business process.

The availability of accurate data together with the reliability of underlying IT systems are essential for our client to maintain happy customers.

The company’s technology roadmap focuses on using automation, cloud, data, and AI.

It continually evaluates and adopts next-generation technology to support business growth, drive cost efficiency and reduce risk.

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Every month our client provides services to over 5 million employees through its three brands

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In 2021, more than £28 billion was paid across the UK and Ireland through its managed services

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Our client is trusted by some of the country’s largest organisations – including 29% of the FTSE 100


In late 2020, IBM announced “End of Support” for the ProtecTIER virtual tape library (VTL) that our client used to backup the IBM i environment running its HR and payroll application.

The business urgently required a cost-effective replacement to ensure ongoing protection and compliance for its valuable data.

Given the critical nature of payroll to its customers, our client needed a non-disruptive migration to the new system.

To take advantage of the latest IBM storage and archiving solutions, they also needed a partner to assist with a smooth migration path that realised benefits and avoided business disruption.


CSI introduced a new virtual tape library (VTL) for IBM i backups by creating a Red Hat Linux LPAR to run a software-based VTL solution writing to high-performance all-flash storage.

By leveraging the client’s existing Enterprise Pool of IBM Power systems and FlashSystem storage, CSI provided the new VTL solution with an efficient data centre footprint and extremely flexible compute capacity.

The VTL uses four IBM Power cores to run backups, but otherwise, all compute resources are available for other functions, such as application development and a Red Hat OpenShift containerisation proof of concept.

CSI has also developed a service to migrate the data from the existing VTL system without needing additional costly software toolsets.

By running on the same infrastructure as our production and development systems, the new software-based VTL protects our data AND gives us a better return on investment in IBM technology.

IT Director – HR and Payroll Company


The client’s rigorous data protection needs are met by pooled utility resources – backups are available without the cost of dedicating compute capacity.

With the new Power VTL solution, when backups are not running, unused resources are made available to other systems.

As a software-based solution, the VTL also sidesteps the growth limitations of physical appliances.

By avoiding any non-IBM appliances, the CSI solution also protects any future migration from the current on-premises estate to the IBM Cloud.

Learn about IBM Power VTL

About our client

Our client has over 50 years of industry experience and is the trusted payroll partner to some of the largest organisations in the UK.

Its award-winning products and services drive organisational effectiveness and are supported by an extensive technology roadmap.

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