At CSI, we aspire to be the market-leading IT modernisation partner for regulated workloads.

No we’re not that CSI of crime scene investigation fame. But our team will forensically analyse your IT infrastructure and diagnose a cause of failure or weakness. Plus we can help revive your legacy IT investments through innovative solutions while immunising your data against threats.

CSI works predominantly with businesses in highly regulated markets running complex, high-performance IT infrastructures.

Without adding unnecessary risk, we help clients to modernise and evolve their systems, applications, processes and underlying IT architectures.




Our clients benefit from lowering costs, improving operational efficiencies and enhancing customer experiences to support their growth ambitions, keeping them relevant and competitive in their marketplace.

By applying our specialist skills and experience, we deliver high-performance, super-reliable, compliant platforms where applications run like they’d never thought possible!

If you need specialist help from an IT Managed Services Partner (MSP) then look no further, as we are experts in underpinning mission-critical platforms, giving complete confidence and peace of mind that they will perform brilliantly.

40 Years


Meet The Team

It’s our people who make us unique.

Our People


Optimise performance to achieve new levels of growth.


Harness cost efficiencies that deliver competitive advantage.


Deliver innovative experiences and value at speed and scale.


Keep your data and your reputation safe from harm.


We embrace three simple values.

They are the backbone of the decisions we make, how we act, and the quality of services and solutions we deliver our clients.


  1. Think Client
  2. Deliver Exceptionally
  3. Excel Together 


CSI, People & Culture

CSI Ltd is committed to providing an inclusive working environment that encourages all employees to thrive to reach their full potential. We hope to create an atmosphere where people from all walks of life feel welcome and supported by the business. Inclusivity, professionalism, and passion are all key traits we look for in our people.

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