CSI is an award-winning Cloud Services Provider with local, regional and global reach. Our offerings are all about leading the way to the cloud. We design, build and manage the entire journey – and more importantly, we manage applications when they are in the cloud.

CSI specialises in the transformation of large, complex and highly-regulated applications to an appropriate cloud infrastructure whether public, private or hybrid including the cyber security elements that are often forgotten. We call it the CSI PowerCloud and the best part is that our clients can use as much or as little as they want.  They can turn it on, turn it up, turn it down, leave, come back, pause, re-join as their business dictates – across Windows, Linux, AIX and IBM i operating systems.

Our core client base is mid-tier enterprise and we offer these organisations private and public clouds, x86 systems and IBM Power Systems, regulated and non-regulated environments, and most importantly, we offer tailored solutions to almost every vertical market.

CSI’s portfolio is aimed at helping clients take the journey to the cloud safely, and our catalogue of fully managed services enable them to prioritise and focus on their core business, and modernise their applications, whether they were born in the cloud or in traditional data centres.  Our deep expertise in highly-regulated industries such as banking and finance, critical manufacturing and healthcare has been forged over 30 years of providing secure and fully audited cloud infrastructure to many of the UK’s leading brands. Among CSI’s achievements are the first European Bank completely operating on the IBM Cloud and the first UK-regulated bank totally on the public cloud using the Microsoft Azure platform.

We use our detailed understanding of application behaviour to match workloads to the right cloud and critically manage them once they’re in the cloud. Regardless of the kind of workload, such as a modern-day core internet banking system, a traditional ERP system, or a highly sensitive pathology system in a hospital, CSI’s expertise in migrating these workloads and then securely managing them in the cloud is unparalleled in the UK.

With our unique mix of cyber security, application software, and PowerCloud services, we are ideally positioned to manage every step of your journey to the cloud.