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While IBM Power Systems are generally less susceptible to viruses due to the unique architecture and proprietary operating system, IBM i (previously AS/400 or iSeries), they are not entirely immune from cyber threats.

Running on IBM Power, your IBM i environment may be connected to your Intel, Linux, or Opensource platforms, which could be on-premises, hosted, SaaS or outsourced. You may also share data with external business partners.

Connectivity across your network provides many pathways into your IBM i servers holding your key applications and data. On a good day all of the layers of security in your environment will be configured and patched correctly and in a timely manner to protect your IBM i server.

If however, your environment is targeted, it only takes a single misconfiguration through human error, or lack of knowledge, to grant access to bad actors. They can steal or encrypt your IBM i data or even damage the OS to a point where it has to be restored.


Secure Your IBM i Workloads.

As a minimum protection for your IBM i LPARs and data you should only allow authorised users and services to access the IBM i LPARs and ensure they remain protected from malware and ransomware. This line of defence is a basic requirement of compliance frameworks – a software firewall for the IBM i server and LPARs.

In partnership with Fortra (previously HelpSystems), our experts are helping businesses discover the benefits of enhanced IBM i security.

Benefits of our IBM i Security Services: 

  • IBM i Server protected from bad-actors or accidental breach
  • Data and applications protected from theft/encryption/deletion by malware
  • Operations teams and/or security/compliance team notified of breach attempts and existence of malware on the server

Outcomes from our IBM i Security Services: 

  • IBM i foundations to provide perimeter software firewall and virus protection
  • Address minimum compliance requirements
  • Ability to integrate events to SIEM/SOC service to provide event data for incident response and cyber resilience


Book a Non-Disruptive IBM i Security Scan

Unlock visibility and gain valuable insights about your IBM i environment with a free scan from CSI – including a top-level assessment of vulnerabilities and access to our specialists when you run a report. In collaboration with key security partner, Fortra, our IBM i Security Scan “interprets” the security of your environment, making it easy to see and navigate the results during a follow-on discussion.

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CSI are IBM i security experts.

IBM i Managed Security.

As your dedicated Managed Service Provider, CSI offers a comprehensive ‘Exit Point Manager Service for IBM Power Systems’, ensuring you remain protected from costly security breaches by tracking and monitoring data access.

IBM i Security Overview

What You Do

  • Identify users and services that are authorized to access the IBM i LPAR
  • Confirm process for notification of invalid access attempts, virus found and ransomware blocked
  • Incorporate IBM i security events in your SIEM or SOC service
  • Include IBM i in your Cyber Incident Response Plan

What We Do

  • Install and configure end-point protection
  • Configure rules to block any unauthorized users or services from the IBM i
  • Set-up monitoring solution to send security alerts to your named security/compliance owners
  • Provide monthly access reports to the security/compliance owners.


Creating a highly secure IBM i Environment

Awareness about cyber security risks is powerful. In conversation with our specialists, this technology firm was able to identify how their environment needed assessing for vulnerabilities. This crucial step, using advanced evaluation and surveying, would close the gap between a secured IBM i environment and one that needed improvement.

Read the case study

Get a FREE Security Scan.

Working closely with our experts, we support you to run a quick, 10-minute vulnerability assessment of your IBM i environment. It’s designed to be simple and easy, so you can focus on a meaningful conversation about security.

Our scan “interprets” the security of your environment, making it easy to see and navigate the results during a follow-on discussion.

Speak with one of our experts today to book your free IBM i security scan.


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