Looking for a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider?

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program enables partners like CSI to act as trusted vendors and manage everything for their clients from licensing and billing to escalation and advice.

Benefits of using a CSP for your Azure Cloud Consumption.

CSI is a Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider)

As your chosen Microsoft CSP, CSI can unlock new benefits as you design and choose different Microsoft services. 

  • CSI will be your single point of contact with an escalation path to Microsoft. In some circumstances we need to escalate the support case to Microsoft where we enjoy better response times and priority.
  • The are no up-front payments – you only pay for what you use.
  • Monthly consolidated billing will give you a summary invoice of all your Azure spending.
  • Cost control is a critical task when using any public cloud. By understanding who is using what and at what cost, you can optimise your environment. As a CSP, we can help you from being charged for services you don’t need – or to find more cost-effective alternatives with the cloud.
  • Subscription provisioning and management through a CSP moves that burden from your IT teams, although you’ll still have the same control and features in the subscriptions.
  • A CSP can offer competitive pricing compared to an Enterprise Agreement or purchasing directly from the web.

Of course, you have access to CSI’s expert cloud consultants, proven methodologies, and processes.