Our Cutting-Edge IBM AIX Cloud Services.

Running complex IBM AIX workloads at peak performance around the clock is an important but time-consuming activity. With challenging IT budgets and scarce resources, organisations are often forced to divert skilled staff from strategic projects to administer routine tasks.

Our Cloud AIX Services can take over the burden of mundane operations, allowing you to focus on business transformation with the confidence that your IBM AIX on IBM Power Systems platforms are in safe hands.

CSI has been managing critical AIX workloads running on market-leading IBM Power Systems for decades. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, our highly accredited experts provide IBM AIX support for platforms on a client’s premises, hosted in a third-party data centre or in the CSI Cloud.

Our multi-cloud platform allows organisations to meet changing demands, increasing and scaling back resources in a private, hybrid or public cloud environment.




Optimise workload performance with IBM AIX Support.

CSI Cloud AIX Services are designed to optimise the availability and performance of critical workloads running AIX on IBM Power Systems. We achieve this by:

  • Monitoring all components that can impact system stability
  • Reacting quickly to alerts through a 24/7 service desk and service management
  • Confirming that operating system and firmware are maintained at correct versions
  • Ensuring that backups complete successfully – or escalating failures
  • Providing a disaster recovery or high availability environment

We can help.

Whether you are thinking of upgrading away from legacy tech, unsure about change, or want to understand how an investment in IBM Power can benefit your business, we can help. Speak with one of our experts today to find out how to unlock more from IBM Power across your organisation.

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