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partnering to deliver DRAAS for ibm power

As a data centre provider, TierPoint looked to partner with specialist IBM skills to help deliver a comprehensive IT solution for a customer with core applications reliant on IBM Power Systems running the IBM i operating system.

For a client who requires continuous availability of healthcare applications, the IT strategy must ensure high availability and disaster recovery (DR).


TierPoint owned world-class data centres across 20 US markets

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Round the clock support and managed services offering


TierPoint acquired its first data centre in 2010



In line with its strategy to move away from Capex investment, the hospital wants to evaluate cloud-based, Opex consumption models providing DR without investing in its own infrastructure.

To improve business continuity, the developer of the healthcare applications also recommends the use of a second location for real-time replication of clinical data.

TierPoint’s client also needs to remove the operational burden currently on its in-house IT staff.


CSI presented a cloud-based high availability and DRaaS solution that would improve availability based on an Opex model.

Our PowerCloud provides storage and delivers real-time replication between the production and DR systems.

To implement the new DRaaS solution, the current DR LPAR was migrated via a full system save provided by the hospital on LTO tape.

Complementary 24×7 service desk support is provided as well as a suite of monitoring and managed services to identify and resolve any incidents or changes.

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Our portfolio and team of certified experts allows us to meet the most demanding requirements and address customers’ most challenging needs.



The DRaaS offering is a complete recovery environment in the cloud, enabling rapid failover and recovery.

Our solution relieved capital expenditure and any costs associated with system maintenance.

By protecting against IT disasters, the highly available, disaster recovery service build a more secure business while driving down management costs.


About our PARTNER


TierPoint offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services, colocation, disaster recovery, security, and more.

Its portfolio of facilities include 40 world-class data centres across the United States.

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