Our application performance and control service.

How can a business’ most critical applications match demand without exhausting its teams and resources?

It’s a challenge facing today’s modernising businesses across the world – whether in the cloud or running on-premises infrastructure – high periods of resource demand can make performance management feel out of control. CSI’s application performance and control service offers a dynamic response: manage and troubleshoot application performance at new speeds and with greater cost-efficiency.


Your Applications. Only Better.

Our Application Performance and Control Service is powered by Turbonomic and Instana – align with technologies that prioritise your applications.

What our application performance and control service includes.

CSI’s support combines observability and application performance management (APM) with intuitive application resource management (ARM) to optimise and streamline your apps to respond dynamically to demand.

  • Implementation and integration of IBM apps into the client environment
  • Configuration of policies and rules
  • Ongoing evaluation and execution of recommendations
  • Support and maintenance of the IBM apps and underlying systems


Better apps. 

We know how important application performance is to achieve successful business outcomes. If your customers or users experience any degradation in service, they won’t think twice about complaining or looking elsewhere at alternative providers.

To combat this fear many organisations find themselves paying for more infrastructure resources than are required – just in case that spike in demand occurs. This typically results in (a) under-utilised resources wasting money and data centre space/energy, (b) under-provisioned resources unable to respond to rapidly changing demand, or (c) incorrectly allocated resources with workloads not running in the right platform, be that on-premises, or in the cloud.

Our application performance service ensures faster, cost-efficient apps.

With CSI you’ll get:

  • precise insight into application performance
  • root cause analysis to identify points of failure or bottleneck
  • most efficient use of memory, compute, storage and network resources
  • automated actions to maintain most cost-effective performance
  • optimised cloud migration planning based on full visibility of existing resource usage

Benefits of application performance and control.

01) Data centre modernisation.

Use data centre automation to reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

With the proliferation of cloud platforms promising greater elasticity and savings, many organisations are updating their IT infrastructure and moving workloads out of existing on-premises data centres. If your infrastructure costs are up, utilization is down, and overprovisioning is sideways, we can support with VM rightsizing, continuous placement of compute and storage, as well as proactive capacity management.

02) Kubernetes optimisation.

Managing Kubernetes at scale means meeting service level objectives, wherever your app run.

You invested in containerisation and Kubernetes to reap the benefits of elasticity, resiliency and speed to market, but traditional metrics like availability and latency don’t solve issues for performance in dynamic multicloud or containerised environments.

Automatically determine the right resource allocation actions – and when to make them – to ensure your Kubernetes environments and mission-critical apps get exactly what they need to meet your service level objectives. We can help you optimise any upstream version of Kubernetes with container rightsizing, continuous pod moves, intelligent cluster scaling and container planning.

03) Cloud migration planning.

Safely accelerate cloud migration projects with accurate, easy-to-use planning capabilities.

Migrating to cloud can be a confusing, time-consuming and expensive process. Benefit from easy-to-use cloud migration planning that allows you to optimise your cloud consumption from the start and simplify your cloud migration.

Whether your organisation is pursuing a cloud-first, hybrid or multicloud strategy, you need convenient cloud migration planning tools that can accelerate your digital transformation and help you take full advantage of discounted pricing. Analyse real-time resource needs of workloads, evaluate discounted pricing options, create guided workflows for different scenarios, e.g. lift and shift vs optimised.

04) Cloud cost optimisation.

Contain cloud spend while preserving application performance with automatable cloud cost optimisation tools.

Automatically evaluate compute and storage by automatically determining the correct virtual machine (VM) instance type for your cloud application workloads. The solution uses a wide range of metrics: vCPU, vMem, network and storage input/output (IO), throughput, reserved instance inventory, pricing and discounts, disk count, quota and available region. Take advantage of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) more completely when you can scale Azure SQL and AWS RDS database resources exactly when the application needs them, without paying for unused database capacity.

05) Operationalise FinOps.

Maximise return on cloud investments – make data-driven cloud spend decisions and boost ROI.

Gain continuous optimisation that you can safely automate to help ensure your applications always perform while minimising cost. Data centre optimisation allows for more effective use of existing assets. Application-driven planning capabilities determine which workloads are best suited for the cloud to help ensure efficient consumption immediately after migration. This makes it ideal for cloud operations and engineering teams adopting FinOps to reduce spend and maximise business value. Unlike other optimisation solutions, automation can be operationalised. This helps ensure that cloud and IT Operations teams achieve tangible outcomes, like cutting cloud spend by 33% and achieving 471% ROI in less than six months (according to Forrester impact study for Turbonomic).

06) Sustainable IT.

Operationalise sustainability in the data centre with automation you can trust.

Reduce your carbon footprint by optimising the data centre. You’ve committed to reducing your organisation’s environmental footprint but face many questions as you pursue your sustainability goals. Pressure to address sustainable IT strategies and initiatives while balancing revenue, risk and driving shareholder returns presents a challenge. Now you can make an immediate impact on energy use by optimising how you allocate resources to applications throughout your ecosystem. When applications consume only what they need to perform, you can increase utilisation, reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, and achieve continuously efficient operations.

Application Performance Challenges

Running workloads in the right place at the right price.

Many organisations have challenges around running workloads in the most appropriate platform – for performance, security and cost – including:

  • companies who have not started their cloud journey but continuing with capex-based inflexible on-premises systems
  • companies who adopted a “cloud-for-everything” approach – often with a simple (non-optimised) lift-and-shift approach
  • companies with over-provisioned resources to guarantee performance
  • companies with cloud costs higher than expected
  • companies with security, compliance or governance concerns.

What Next?

CSI’s Application Performance and Control Service will  be used to understand the clients’ application and infrastructure environments. This insight will allow CSI to help clients locate workloads most efficiently – in public clouds, in the CSI PowerCloud or on-premises – which may involve migration or repatriation of workloads. In all scenarios, CSI will provide a managed service around all platforms.

To help you get started, contact us about our Readiness & Performance Assessment designed to predict performance, dependencies & cost so you can select the right platform for the workload.