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reliable private cloud platform for growth

The past decade has seen a huge change in the retirement income market. This is due to the ageing population, the continuing decline in defined benefit pension schemes and the concurrently growing need for self-provision in retirement. As a result, Key was determined to drive significant growth in equity release.

By focusing on equity release, Key committed to increase annual turnover from £35m to £100m.

This exciting opportunity came with several challenges including technology that wasn’t stable enough to provide the company with a platform for growth.


total employees in the company, which has grown from a team of six

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UK population aged over 60 in 2021, more than 15.5 million people

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total size of the Later Life Lending market according to AKG paper



To achieve their growth targets, Key required very stable IT systems. Prior to new investment with CSI, each month saw 60 to 80 severe system outages. This meant that every day 15% of Key’s staff experienced downtime leading to considerable loss of productivity.

In order to effectively manage increased marketing budgets, Key also needed a CRM system that would allow automation and provide a single customer view.

Key needed a more flexible go-to-market strategy to open up to a new broker market.

A steep sales curve needed systems to be upgraded as quickly as possible and with no disruption to employees.

Meeting these challenges will provide Key with a sustainable platform for future growth.


CSI provided Key with robust and scalable infrastructure via a private cloud platform. Based on latest enterprise-class technology, the cloud model enables commercial flexibility without compromising compliance.

To present a single customer view, CSI managed a project with other partners to deploy a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system and a business-critical origination platform developed by Fintech ISV, Finova.

CSI has worked with Finova on many occasions and the business application was integrated seamlessly into Key’s environment.

The Finova application is used by Key for the consumer brand ‘more2life’ which allows brokers a better user experience and has resulted in significantly enhanced case processing volumes.


I’m confident that we’ve not only chosen the right technology partner to enable us to achieve our three-year plan, but the right partner to set us up for the next 5-10 years ahead.

Simon Thompson, CFO – Key


With CSI, Finova and other partners, 80% of Key’s workforce moved to the new systems ahead of schedule and with no disruption.

CSI continues to work closely with Key to ensure they achieve their three year plan.

Having achieved the first milestone of providing a new scalable platform – running the core tools for growth – the partnership is focussing on new innovative tools and optimising architecture.

In all aspects, CSI ensures scalability and agility, while also maintaining the high levels of security and compliance demanded in this highly regulated industry.


About our client



Key provides later life financial services for over 55’s.

Founded in 1998, it was originally known as Home Income Gold, but having celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018, it rebranded to Key – part of Key Group.

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