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innovative cloud-based service

Our client provides investors with unbiased financial information as well a trading environment needed to make confident and informed investment decisions.

To serve its customers, the company has to be responsive to market changes as investment potential and trading volumes fluctuate in times of geo-political change – recent examples include general elections, Brexit, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore our client needs a reliable IT environment that can adapt to changing demands.

Tying up capex with equipment to meet possible peak demand is not viable – but missing opportunities due to overloaded systems is equally unacceptable.

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Many of the services provided are based on Figaro, a core trading platform developed by Fintech ISV, FNZ.

The Figaro application runs in an IBM i environment and skills in this technology are scarce.

The workloads rely on IBM Power Systems together with many close-coupled Windows and Linux servers.

For many years, the company has invested in capex equipment to run an in-house environment for core workloads but it doesn’t provide cost-effective flexibility to meet spikes in usage without over-investing.

The company needed a partner that could meet both the skills challenge and provide a flexible on-demand solution.


With our +35 years of experience with IBM i systems, CSI was the ideal partner to fill the skills gap.

Plus we have a strong relationship with FNZ, the developers of the Figaro platform, as well as other companies that use the same software.

CSI migrated the company’s core systems to a private cloud platform in the CSI PowerCloud delivering IBM i systems running on POWER9 servers as well as x86 resources in an on-demand model.

The CSI PowerCloud operates from data centres run by global leader Equinix and provides low-cost wire-speed connections to hyperscale public cloud providers.

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With the CSI PowerCloud, we now have the flexibility to meet peak demand and provide a consistent online client experience.

Director of IT – Investment Firm


CSI’s heritage and expertise with IBM i systems ensures that core applications are available and running in a high-performance environment.

The CSI PowerCloud provides our client with a platform that combines reliability, flexibility and scalability.

CSI can add and remove resources in response to changes in business demand.

The Equinix Cloud Exchange also provides a cross-connect link to the client’s other applications that run in the AWS public cloud.

Through the CSI PowerCloud, our client can take advantage of private cloud or public cloud models to meet workload demands.

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About our client

Our client is an online investment firm. It has taken an innovative step to simplify the complex charging structures common in the financial services industry.

Investors enjoy low-cost and easy to manage accounts to build long-term financial stability.

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