The Challenges Facing Application Developers.

In ever more competitive markets, companies are under pressure to constantly improve customer experience and in the digital economy this experience is driven by applications. The downside of continual change is that it can cause friction between App Developers with IT Operations whose mandate is to maintain stability (often achieved by making as few changes as possible!).

To streamline application development, deployment and releases, many enterprises are adopting a DevOps culture that breaks down silos within the IT organisation.

Understanding where the role of Dev stops and Ops starts – and how these can best integrated – can accelerate the effective and efficient modernisation of applications and infrastructure.

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What’s Holding Back Application Innovation?

The need for speed and agility when developing and delivering new, innovative applications cannot compromise quality. Leading DevOps teams are evaluating areas where closer collaboration can benefit the CI/CD process, for example cloud environments for rapid provision of resources and other cloud-native technologies such as a microservices architecture and a container-first approach.

By turning to containers and Kubernetes orchestration, companies rapidly deliver new cloud applications. Solutions can be packaged together to provide a platform for building, deploying, monitoring, and managing containerised workloads. Security and automation are at the heart of the decision when choosing a platform because platforms need to be able to scale, heal, and constantly evolve.

Customer trust is vital while delivering an online experience – especially in regulated sectors such as financial services or any organisation accepting online payments. The Covid-19 pandemic caused a surge in the use of digital portals with Amazon reporting a near 200% rise in profits in the first nine months of 2020. Developers must build in security to ensure customers’ data privacy at all costs, irrespective of the fact that the apps deliver personalised experiences to add convenience.

In the past if the environment wasn’t available, then the project over-ran on timeline and budget. Nowadays “as-a-service” cloud infrastructure and platforms overcome this risk. Compared to in-house IT systems, cloud platforms can establish efficient project, test and pre-production environments throughout the process from development to and user acceptance testing (UAT).


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