How CSI is enabling a successful building society to grow its business with confidence, knowing that supporting IT systems are efficient, effective and secure.

The Client: For over 110 years, the Buckinghamshire Building Society has been helping people achieve financial security by providing a safe home for their savings and helping them to buy a home of their own – particularly when circumstances require a bespoke approach.

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The Buckinghamshire Building Society’s financial services depend on reliable IT platforms in customer-facing environments and in the back office. This includes servers, storage and backup for the line of business applications, virtual workspace for all users, as well as secure network connectivity.


The Buckinghamshire Building Society is well-positioned to exploit the benefits of technology to attract and serve customers – and being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the Society has to maintain extra levels of compliance, security and IT resilience. Agility and Operational Resilience is critical to success in the current financial services market.


To ensure system availability, performance and security, the Society decided to partner with an experienced IT managed services provider. By engaging a specialist, the Society would be able to focus on developing financial products with confidence in the stability of its supporting infrastructure.

The scope of the engagement had to include a broad IT estate including virtual servers for the line of business applications, storage, backups, desktop virtualisation, common back-office services, cyber security protection, and network connectivity.

Partnering with CSI has enabled the Society to provide a robust and secure IT infrastructure to support its continued growth and to meet our Operational Resiliency requirements. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, we were able to resume business as usual the day after lockdown and continue serving our members normally, with all staff working remotely thanks to CSI – something we couldn’t have dreamt of previously!

Dave Childerstone, Head of IT, Buckinghamshire Building Society


CSI worked with the Society to design a set of managed services to support their business strategy.

By providing distinct ‘Service Towers’, CSI offers clear visibility of IT reliability, capacity and performance. In this way, CSI can easily add or remove resources to meet changing needs as the Society adapts to market conditions.

Monitoring all services around the clock, the CSI Service Desk manages any incidents in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO27001 standards.

Service delivery is governed by regular reviews between CSI and the Society where historical reporting is discussed and service improvements are identified and agreed upon.


With CSI’s managed services in place, Buckinghamshire Building Society’s IT services are stable and data is protected – and as a result, the client has received a positive external audit rating.

CSI’s Workspace desktop virtualisation and VPN connectivity ensure that the Society’s staff can access business systems remotely when required.

As part of the regular service review, CSI and the client successfully completed a disaster recovery test to prove that the IT platforms can support business continuity plans.

To enhance the level of cyber protection, the Society has also added further CSI services to review and triage any cyber security incidents.


In 2019, the number of first-time buyers in the UK reached its highest levels since 2007 with 353,436 new property owners.


86% of consumers under 35 said they would like a simple, intuitive digital current account offered by a building society.


Buckinghamshire Building Society’s 2019 mortgage book was at its highest level of £218.5m