Our advanced endpoint protection solutions.

Attackers gain access to corporate data through enterprise endpoints, and signature-based malware detection is no longer effective against today’s malicious actors.

We understand that cost, complexity and not knowing what data to collect from an endpoint can prevent organisations from trying to move from traditional network controls to endpoint controls.

This is why CSI is partnering with Blackberry Cylance to leverage AI and machine learning capabilities that provide automated endpoint protection to detect and prevent attacks before they can execute.

Delivering Maximum Cyber Security Protection 

Every day, businesses must deal with the changing demands of cyber security. The need to continually raise the bar across the three key pillars of people, process and technology in order to effectively protect against an ever-changing threat landscape, is an infinite challenge – one that businesses can seldom tackle on their own.

At CSI, we combine innovative endpoint protection (EPP) together with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to identify suspicious system behaviour, block malicious activity and recommend action to restore affected systems. We also provide 24×7 threat hunting and threat containment with a team of world-class incident response and prevention experts.

CSI’s Managed Cyber Security Services help organisations deploy, manage, optimise and leverage the right technologies to deliver maximum protection against the risk of continually evolving cyber threats – from ransomware to new forms of attack that target work-from-home policies. CSI’s experts can support under-resourced IT teams, reducing alert fatigue and bridging resourcing gaps.

A trusted partner in endpoint protection solutions

ISO 27001
PCI Internal Security Assessor
Look no further for IBM Storage support.

Endpoint protection solution

Service Levels, explained

CSI’s Managed Endpoint Protection Service can be tailored to suit your requirements with two levels of AI-based anti-malware service available:

  1. Base – limited to servers, VDI, and WVD only, capped at 100 endpoints
  2. Protect – servers and end user devices


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CSI’s history of innovation has earned us credibility as a reliable, trusted partner of choice around the world.

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