Our cyber security services are trusted by businesses in the UK & beyond.

As the UK becomes increasingly digital and modern, with new technologies engaging a remote workforce as much as a wide market of customers, the risks and threats are only multiplying. Workloads, critical applications and, ultimately, sensitive data, are all targets.

Whether you want to know more about ransomware prevention, breach recovery, or you need support with compliance or cyber insurance, CSI’s Cyber Security Consultants will prioritise risk resilience and remediation that’s simple, comprehensive and fits around your organisation’s most critical technologies, people and processes.

Working with our cyber security consultants. 

At CSI, we offer a partnership that gives you the edge over your assailant. Our portfolio of Advisory, Professional and Managed Cyber Security Services are brought together by market-leading prevention and remediation tools that puts the reduction of risk at the heart of everything we do – and ensures the rapid and effective delivery of security controls that keeps your business safe.

An Assured UK Partner in Cyber Security

CSI’s committment to cyber resilience includes exacting certifications and expertise.


Get crystal-clear visibility into your vulnerabilities.

CSI’s Vulnerability Scanning Essentials provides 24/7 hybrid visibility and vulnerability scanning, audit-ready reporting, and endpoint detection and response. Get in touch with one of our experts to find out more.

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What our cyber security services involves:

Working with a wide range of technologies and tool providers, CSI simplifies and enables how a business develops its defence against existing and emerging threats. Our consultants are experts in risk prevention, remediation and recovery, offering a vendor-agnostic view into building a confident, reliable cyber resilience for modern IT environments.

Whether a business needs standalone cyber security solutions like managed detection and response (MDR) or end-to-end coverage without the headache of operating multiple tools, CSI’s team of qualified consultants and advisors can help.

Businesses have partnered with our consultants for:

  1. Advisory services for technical controls (i.e. endpoint protection)
  2. Risk assessment & strategy advice
  3. Breach management & recovery
  4. Security architecture design and implementation
  5. Compliance, governance and alignment with ISO 27001 and other frameworks
  6. Cyber insurance support



Cyber Security Services in the UK.

CSI’s cyber security consulting brings together leading technologies and expertise to create peace of mind for the UK’s most regulated industries, including healthcare, financial service providers, manufacturers and more. This includes 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre ensuring that your IT environments, whether on-premises or in the cloud, are always monitored.

If security is a priority on your agenda and you are worried about the state of your cyber resilience, get in touch with one of our consultants.


What makes CSI’s cyber security services different?

A collection of intelligence agencies known as the “Five Eyes” recently warned that MSPs need to proactively reinforce best practice when it comes to cyber resilience and hygiene, or else they might became an ‘achilles heel’ in the supply chain for UK businesses.

CSI is unlike a traditional MSP, because we have the expertise to advise and rapidly deploy full end-to-end and compliant security coverage for the most regulated industries. From training and prevention to breach recovery, our cyber security consultants can either holistically advise, offering a portfolio of leading security tools, or offer more comprehensive strategies.

To find out more, arrange or book a consultation with one of our specialists, or download our free cyber security brochure.

Did You Know…

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The global average cost of a data breach, according to IBM.

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Nearly half of the recorded data breaches globally happen in the cloud.

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The average time it takes to detect a breach within an organisation.

Where’s Your Greatest Cyber Security Risk?

With so many cyber security tools out there, businesses can defend their ‘crown jewel’ workloads, applications and platforms with market-leading solutions. The challenge goes beyond finding a cyber security product. Now more than ever, businesses need visibility and remediation controls to tackle threats and risks of all kinds.

We cover the main cyber security challenges.

CSI's Cyber security services conultants are here to help.

Resolve the toughest cyber security challenges.

Have you recently embraced the Zero Trust principle? What is your recovery strategy when a breach occurs? Better yet, how secure is your IT environment?

Cyber security is evolving rapdily to out-pace today’s most pressing challenges, but costly breaches, configuration mistakes, legacy and unpatched IT, human error, and poor policy and hygiene can escalate how quickly bad actors can exploit your vulnerabilities for back-door access.

To address today’s toughest cyber security challenges, CSI’s Protect services are being deployed to support organisations with mission-critical workloads who need security as the default. Cyber security may be a data problem, but it starts with your IT.

Cyber resilience & technology.

Nowadays, disparate and complex toolchains can be demanding, if not confusing to activate and intensive to manage and monitor. In larger, enterprise IT environments, teams are scrambling to manage an industry average of 76 security tools or products. Most find it unproductive and, in some scenarios, more damaging, to operate long, exhaustive and disconnected toolchains.

Our cyber resilience consultants will advise and steer effective security buying decisions, building up, or refining, toolchains that operate more cohesively across the full environment.

The critical difference is how rapidly CSI’s consultants will unlock tool value – we bring in skills, technologies, and people to keep toolchains unified.



On average, in enterprise IT environments, teams are struggling to manage 76 security different tools or products. 



Cyber security that covers the UK.

Many tools vs one ecosystem.

Security is no longer contained within a single toolchain, it’s an ecosystem. A security ecosystem runs on human insight and deeply interconnected technologies or products to produce oversight into IT.

IBM’s QRadar, for example, can operate vendor agnostically to sync into other areas of a wider toolchain. In these instances, tools become more powerful as a unified whole. Our consultants will help grow your security capability so that it’s greater than just the tools or products that work inside your environment.

A trusted partner in cyber security solutions


Why Choose CSI for your Cyber Security Solution

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CSI’s Security Operations Centre supports clients around the clock.

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of CSI employees are in client-facing roles, providing best in class customer service.


CSI’s history of innovation has earned us credibility as a reliable, trusted partner of choice around the world.

We give you the competitive edge.

CSI’s expert managed cyber security services is your first and last line of defence. That means we both prevent attacks and protect your data from threat verticals.

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