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Advanced threat detection with managed SIEM.

Nowadays, there is a greater volume and complexity of threat verticals, and a worrying skills shortage on the labour market, which means that protecting online operations is no longer as simple as running a security product in the background.

A large, disconnected toolkit doesn’t win security battles. Having the expertise to deliver cutting-edge threat detection, response and resolution is how modern enterprises can reduce cyber security risks. Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services bridge over security gaps and vulnerabilities and offers access to advanced technology and skilled resources, trained and available around the clock, to ensure that organisations can achieve their objectives.

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CSI offers comprehensive IBM support.

Included in our managed detection and response services.

CSI’s Managed Detection and Response Service helps organisations to secure their technology environments. CSI can augment real-time threat detection with threat hunting to mitigate any malicious actors that bypass existing prevention and detection capabilities.

CSI delivers MDR services in conjunction with leading security partner Fortra. Its award-winning Alert Logic MDR security platform and cutting-edge threat intelligence enables us to identify and respond faster to attacks.

Our dedicated Security Operations Centre (SOC) experts will monitor your systems 24/7 and leverage a diverse range of data collection and analytics methods for rapid threat detection.

Managed Detection and Response Service Tiers:


  • Essentials Service Level

The Essentials service includes asset discovery, vulnerability management and next-generation endpoint threat protection & detection.

    • Professional Service Level

The Professional service includes all ‘Essentials’ services plus enhanced threat protection and detection, and PCI services.

Why businesses choose CSI to deliver threat detection

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CSI’s Security Operations Centre supports clients around the clock.

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of CSI employees are in client-facing roles, providing best in class customer service.


CSI’s history of innovation has earned us credibility as a reliable, trusted partner of choice around the world.







A lot of managed cyber security service professionals have their hands full simply with collecting alerts from the technology implemented to address cyber threats.

Whilst our white-glove Managed Detection and Response services collate information from different systems, they are also action-oriented to actively address the threats that they face in an efficient and effective manner. Working with an industry-leading MDR provider, CSI’s coverage is expansive, reliable and responsive, providing first-class security for cloud journeys, on-premises, SaaS, and more.

Benefits of our managed detection and response service.

We help organisations to secure their technology environments and augment real-time threat detection with threat hunting to mitigate any malicious actors that bypass existing prevention and detection capabilities.

  • Compliance support 

As a regulated business, you will be expected to adhere to various compliancy conducts, including GDRP,  PCI DSS, and others.

Compliance monitoring is critical in evaluating the status of your security posture and helps establish the value of your service to stakeholders.

    • Faster threat response times 

Quicken the time it takes not only to have effective threat visibility, but allow your security solutions to responds to, and manage, risks as they escalate.

    • SIEM with flexibility 

Our SIEM specialists with work within the parameters of your business’ unique requirements and its existing technology, helping to create a secure ecosystem and level up security where it matters most.

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Frequently asked questions about MDR services

What is SIEM as a Service?

SIEM represents Security Information and Event Management technologies, which are embeddable with threat intel and other toolkits, helping businesses identify, respond to, and stay ahead of security incidents.

Does SIEM integrate flexibly with other tools?

To accurately create a picture of event correlations and alerting, SIEM tools are informed from a range of data sources, which will frequently include:

  • Devices on a network
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Existing security products running in your environment (i.e. firewalls)

Maximising threat visibility and coverage can happen when SIEM tools are supported by a wider toolkit, including Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).

What are the main MDR challenges that business are up against?

Threat detection solutions can often result in creating a sizable amount and frequency of alerts, which will quickly burden in-house teams. This can complicate how easy it is to identify security incidents.

There’s further pressures on IT operations to understand how quickly they should respond and what that solution should look like for every different security incident.

CSI’s service is designed to alleviate the strains that effective SIEM can have on your resources, by advising on the most appropriate toolkit and offering the expertise to manage and monitor it.


We’re here to Help.

Whether you have already suffered a breach, unsure about the health of your security posture, or simply want to understand how our MDR services are compatible with your existing systems, we can help. Speak with one of our Managed Detection and Response experts today to find out how to build an effective first and last line of defence that your business can rely on.

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