Cost-efficient IT support for healthcare.

The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the most disruptive events healthcare organisations have ever faced and it has demanded a review about how essential services are delivered to the public. Rising treatment costs, an increase in patient demand, a shortage of skilled workers – these are all daily realities that healthcare management has to address. Digital capability is key, where technologies have the power to both improve patient care and experiences but at cost-optimised rates.

After 40+ years of working across clinical research and healthcare facilities, CSI has been designing and developing managed IT services and solutions to help with improving patient care pathways in cost-effective ways. Whether you’re anxious about the rise in cyber security attacks, want to enable AI and automation to streamline clinical operations, or need help with removing IT burdens, CSI’s healthcare specialists are here to help.

The healthcare sector is becoming one of the fastest growing and most tightly regulated industries. Having reliable, practical and powerful IT solutions isn’t optional when running critical patient workloads that have become a lifeline here in the UK. With cost-efficient, fully-managed IT support, we can help lift administrative headaches, streamline and automate daily operations, and, ultimately, improve patient care outcomes.

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Maybe innovation isn’t high up on your priorities. But operating reliable, effective and efficient IT is likely a key goal for any healthcare institution right now. Our IT specialists have worked in the healthcare sector for decades, delivering critical managed IT services on-time, cost-efficiently, and with a focus on security and reliability so your staff and patients receive the best experience.

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Certified partner for healthcare professionals

How CSI tailors IT support for healthcare.

Working closely with health professionals, management, and clinicians, CSI has a history of delivering practical, reliable and secure IT services for healthcare. Whether it’s a security challenge, automation in operations, or data protection, we can help you transform with market-leading technologies that fit your healthcare setting.

The NHS, clinicians in private practice, and other health institutions require access to the latest technologies to ensure patient outcomes are prioritised. Achieving these goals in a cost-effective approach, our IT solutions are fully managed, secure, compliant and highly-performant and are ideal for regulated healthcare markets.

Benefits of IT services for healthcare. 

Managed IT services for healthcare can unlock a range of benefits, such as:

  • Improved communication between staff and patients
  • Greater agility
  • Reduced system downtime
  • Best cyber resilience practice
  • A focus on cost-efficiencies
  • Access into AI technologies

CSI specialises in the delivery of healthcare IT.

Let’s talk healthcare challenges.

In conversation with healthcare professionals, our specialists understand how security anxieties, legacy applications, and more are keeping you awake at night. The CSI difference means approaching every new challenge with an open-mind about the best kinds of technology that could be tailored to your healthcare setting helping improve staff experiences, patient outcomes whilst remaining cost-effective.

Whether your an NHS Trust, a private medical setting, conducting clinical research, or a surgery, we can support. We start by understanding what roles IT needs to play – and we always address your most pressing challenges first.

CSI offers IT support different healthcare providers.

What exactly can IT do for healthcare? 

Compared with other sectors, healthcare is tightly regulated and compliance makes all the difference. Ransomware, IT failures and the risk of a breach – data security is a top priority for everyone right now. But it doesn’t end there for healthcare professionals. Cost efficiencies, cloud support, updating or moving away from legacy platforms, and data storage are common challenges.

But high on everyone’s agenda is cybersecurity and resilience, hybrid cloud for patient engagements, and the importance of highly available IT.

healthcare professionals

Challenge #1

Is security on your agenda?

Cyber security is consistently a top priority in almost every survey of IT decision makers. Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing security concerns across most industries, affecting corporations, government agencies and private entities alike, but the sensitive nature of the personal data held by the healthcare sector makes it as prime target for cyber-crime and data breaches are a constant threat. The changes in access to healthcare imposed by the Covid pandemic forced an increase in online interaction which compounds the risk.

We know that maintaining cyber defences isn’t simple easy, but it’s critical that IT teams regularly assess threats to the business and keep up to date with advances in technology – cyber criminals do! Vulnerabilities can range from old unsupported hardware, unpatched operating platforms and a lack of security awareness among staff. Assessment against data security standards like the NHS’s DSP (Data Security and Protection) Toolkit allows service providers to measure their security posture.

Tech support for Azure.

Challenge #2

Let’s talk patient interaction with hybrid cloud.

As healthcare providers launch new ways to interact with new IT platforms are needed and we know that stitching together mission-critical operations on legacy systems with cloud-native services is no mean feat, but this offers great flexibility to healthcare providers. Sensitive enterprise systems like electronic health records are likely to remain on-premises, while hyperscale public cloud services can be used for an increasing number of patient-facing apps.

A hybrid approach allows organisations to select the right tools for specific jobs, but cloud services present unique obstacles to integrating data and governance. With robust migration plans being critical to managing complexity, cost, regulatory compliance and risk, many organisations are turning to experienced partners to negotiate cloud journey and avoid the pitfalls that others have found to their detriment.

Experts in cloud migration discussing code.

Challenge #3 

Ensure system availability.

In commercial sectors it’s said that downtime can kill profitability, in healthcare its simpler: downtime can kill. Continuous availability of healthcare applications is a prerequisite for the delivery of clinical services. Healthcare organisations can be severely impacted by application, hardware or data centre outages. The potential impact on patients underlines the need for a cost-effective strategy that ensures high availability and mitigates the risk of disaster.


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