Discover Azure FastTrack with CSI.

  • Do you have a strategy to build and consume resources in Azure?
  • Are you struggling to design the environment?
  • Perhaps you already use Azure and need to regain control, or are worried about security?

Whatever stage you’re at, embracing a hybrid cloud solution can often be a challenge to many IT departments. Through our wealth of experience, we’ll help you secure Azure deployments and follow NCSC, CIS, FedRamp and Microsoft Best Practice.

CSI’s Azure FastTrack services deliver the base governance and configuration of an Azure environment, with a standardised and proven approach.

Benefits of CSI’s Azure FastTrack Services.

With our help, your business could notice rewarding benefits from Azure FastTrack, including:

  • Provision of a hardened, Azure Landing Zone deployment
  • Designed to facilitate the consumption of resources you need
  • Modular design, Microsoft Best Practice aligned with deployment customised to your requirements
  • Provides an initial Azure governance framework
  • Removes lead time and complexity of setting up Azure
  • Ensures solid baseline for security and control
  • Helps address internal skills gaps with new cloud technology

Our Approach using Azure FastTrack. 

Since our first ‘born in the cloud’ client deployment in 2013, CSI has refined our deployment templates and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployment methodology to accelerate the deployment of the foundations for Azure.

We’ve developed a complete set of designs, a proprietary modular deployment methodology, the IP to underpin it and the security expertise to harden Microsoft Azure Landing Zone deployments for our customers.

The service is delivered by highly skilled CSI Azure consultants who document the deployment and handover to your team, or utilise CSI FlexSupport for ongoing management.

Technical support for public cloud managed services.

What’s included in our Azure Fasttrack service.

#1. Subscriptions

Configuration of the Azure subscriptions and public namespaces.

#2. Networking

Configuration of a site-to-site VPN for secure hybrid cloud operations.

#3. Processes

Define role-based access and admin models, develop governance and configure security policies.

#4. Storage

Configure base storage accounts ready for resources to be placed in storage containers.


Azure Mini Scaffold (data collection only)

CSI Azure build IP

Strategy workshop & expert support 

Microsoft CSP contract (if required) 

Journey to the cloud with our help.

Whether you want to request a cloud readiness assessment today, or need help understanding how cloud-ready your IT is, we can help. Get in touch with one of our specialists and we can help you unlock the cloud.

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