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In recent years, the global pandemic, cost of living crisis, and data security breaches have been highly disruptive, creating an impact felt by educators, researchers, IT departments within universities, and even students. Despite changes all around us, education can’t stop – whereby students and staff have been forced to adapt to new ways of learning and researching. We understand how valuable technology is in higher education, whether it plays a role in keeping large, open-access platforms secure for your end users, or it means deploying cutting-edge AI to accelerate critical clinical research.

After 40+ years of partnering with leading global Universities, including many in the Russell Group, CSI’s public sector specialists are delivering some of today’s most reliable, cost-effective, and secure integrated IT solutions. Whether that’s a research project with Oxford Cancer Biomarkers, securing a leading London university‘s IT platforms, we understand the unique challenges that higher education institutions face.

Take advantage of new technologies – from Cloud to Storage Scale and AI – and support data growth initiatives, increase capabilities for research and optimise the cost of delivery while improving student experiences. That means you can attract more students and simplify the life of researchers across your campuses.

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Over the last few years, cyber security breaches, rapid data growth, and a struggle to innovate have held educational institutions backs from modernising to keep at pace with the demands of today’s student and research teams.

IT issues and a struggle to innovate have held back educational institutions from modernising to keep up with the pace of today’s learning cultures. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete our form and we’ll reach out within 24 hours to help! 

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How CSI tailors IT support for education, research & universities.

Every year, CSI helps different educational institutions achieve their goals through the transformative power of technology. For more than four decades, CSI has a history of delivering IT services for higher education. Whether securing your open-access environment, managing large data volumes for research, or a simplified cloud strategy, CSI has helped many leading universities unlock value from technology.

We understand that there’s no one-size approach to your challenges as a university, which is why we tailor our IT solutions to find the best fit for you. You can plan large, computationally demanding research projects with AI. You can deploy highly-performant, scalable storage to handle your data growth. You can even optimise cloud costs and pin down a strategy that answers to student demand.

Benefits of IT services for higher education.

Managed services for IT can unlock a range of benefits for higher education and research teams include improving cost-efficiencies, handling data volumes, enhancing student satisfaction, and market-leading performance and security.

  • Improved collaboration for staff & students
  • Greater scalability for workloads
  • Improved uptime & reliability
  • Better cyber resilience
  • Access into AI technologies

CSI specialises in IT support for higher education.

Let’s talk about your challenges.

At CSI, we don’t care about how you transform. We care about helping you build a better, safer, and more secure university and research culture. Our public sector specialists are having different conversations all the time – and we always start with your most pressing challenges.

As a technology-agnostic partner, our managed IT services give you the freedom to build, secure, stack and demo different capabilities. To better understand how IT can support higher education, we tailor solutions to today’s pain points.

Here’s how IT can solve your biggest headaches.

Compared with other sectors, universities are typically targeted by cyber criminals more frequently, have strict regulatory compliance, and data growth and protection are high priorities. In all cases, IT services can support, and remove challenges with technology of the future.

Some of the most costly challenges focus on digital safety, legacy platform risks, and inefficiencies in the cloud.

Higher Education IT support from the CSI experts.

Learn how an established London University finally found peace of mind in dealing with cyber threats.

The challenge with cybersecurity will resonate with Higher Education, where teachers, management, and IT departments must remain especially vigilant. Find out how we helped a leading university secure their open platform without compromising on staff and student experiences.

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Challenge #1

Is digital safety on your agenda?

There are concerns about the privacy and security implications that come with adopting technology and leaders know that even the best technology can cause problems through poor implementation. Educational institutions must develop policies for data management that comply with the Data Protection Act, GDPR and other regulatory guidelines. The Department of Education’s Data Protection Toolkit for Schools is a good example of a process to tackle the challenge.

Cyber security is consistently a top priority in almost every survey of IT decision makers and the increase in online interaction imposed by the Covid pandemic compounds the risk. We know that maintaining cyber defences isn’t simple easy, but it’s critical that IT teams regularly assess threats to the business and keep up to date with advances in technology – cyber criminals do! Vulnerabilities can range from old unsupported hardware, unpatched operating platforms and a lack of security awareness among staff and students alike.

CSI provides IBM Storage Expertise

Challenge #2

Do you need support with outdated IT infrastructure?

Ageing platforms can cause poor performance and a lack of flexibility that hinders the adoption of learning new models. Out of support systems may still work, but along with frustration for users there is an increased risk of failure or cyber breach when patches are no longer available. System crashes and downtime can be directly linked to decreased productivity and lost opportunities for learning. Access to new technology is no longer dependent on the Capex budget with public cloud services available on a pay-as-you-go model.

We offer IBM storage support.

Challenge #3 

Hybrid Multi-Cloud – Risk or Reward?

In line with the Government Cloud policy, the Department of Education’s “Realising the Potential of Technology in Education” strategy recommends that all education providers actively consider and evaluate the benefits of moving to a cloud-based approach for their IT systems. In the case where a system is better suited to a private platform, a hybrid approach will allow educational institutions to select the right tools for specific jobs. With robust migration plans being critical to managing complexity, cost, regulatory compliance and risk, many organisations are turning to experienced partners to negotiate the cloud journey and avoid the pitfalls that others have found to their detriment.


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