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Application modernisation takes legacy applications and revolutionises their platform infrastructure and internal architecture. A lot of the focus is on moving away from monolithic, on-premises applications and how these can be brought into a cloud architecture. Microservices, containers and DevOps are some of the innovative technologies and processes that are driving this trend.

Modernised apps enable faster new feature delivery, exposing the functionality of existing applications to be leveraged by other services via APIs – and re-platforming applications on modernised hybrid multicloud platforms provides scale and performance.

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A Journey through Application Modernisation.

The Common Challenges. 

The challenges with app modernisation come down to cost and complexity. Moving an application from on-premises to cloud with no thought to the eventual return on investment amounts may achieve very little. In other cases, some applications that could benefit from refactoring or replatforming, they are so tightly coupled to existing infrastructure that any advantages are outweighed by the complexity of the migration project.

Containerisation is Key. 

Moving to a microservices architecture, organisations gain flexibility as application components are smaller, loosely coupled, and can be deployed and scaled independently of one another. Key infrastructure enablers focus on containers and Kubernetes. Containerisation allows applications to be efficiently packaged so that they can run consistently across cloud or on-premises environments, while container orchestration is provided by Kubernetes – often in comprehensive platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift.

Getting into IT Automation. 

Of course, even modernised environments need to be managed to ensure peak performance without losing control of costs. Businesses must be able to rapidly scale capacity up and down to meet unpredictable waves of demand. Computing resources have to be continually adjusted so that application performance is high enough to satisfy client demand, but also to avoid paying for unused capacity or wasted data centre energy.

Digital enterprises must be able to identify when apps are performing poorly, work out the cause and do something to fix the issue and increase performance. At the same time, efficient IT operations demand that utilisation is tracked so unused capacity can be removed. The ultimate goal is to automate a trusted process – from analysis, identification, recommendations to resolution.

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Apps that Keep the Optimal Pace. 

Application Performance Management (APM) tools such as IBM’s Instana extend monitoring (“something is wrong”) to observability which helps you understand why the problem has occurred. Application Resource Management (ARM), for example IBM’s Turbonomic, goes further by making recommendations to resolve the issue and automatically taking action.

“Instana is the crown jewel of application performance monitoring, which was voted 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for APM toolkits.” 

Designed to “keep up” with the continuous delivery of new code with checks every second, Instana continuously and automatically discovers, maps, and monitors all hosts and applications, whether they are running on bare metal, virtual machines, or containers. Turbonomic analyses information from APM, and directly from the IT estate, to generate safe actions that continuously maintain or even improve application performance. This application awareness bridges any gap of trust so remedial actions can be taken automatically without intervention.

Getting the Methodology Right.

This approach ensures application performance by allocating the level of resources necessary to ensure optimal performance – no less, no more. The primary focus of removing unused capacity is to save money, but it also reduces data centre energy use. With environmental responsibility a top C-suite priority IT sustainability is being factored into purchasing. Data centre consumption of energy, greenhouse gas emissions and managing e-waste are all considerations. By reducing unnecessary use of resources in real-time not only saves costs, but also improves the long-term energy consumption profile.

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There’s a reason we’re neutral on the technologies that bring about modernisation to any given organisation.

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