Discover IBM Power Virtual Servers (VS).

Complex and regulated workloads have demanding requirements for reliability, availability, security and performance.

From the AS/400 and RS/6000 models in the 1990s to the Power10 released in late 2021, IBM Power Systems are the first choice for many companies with high risk environments that need low-risk infrastructure. In fact, a majority of Fortune 100 have IBM Power Systems running their most mission-critical workloads. IBM Power Virtual Servers (PowerVS) continue this tradition.


IBM Power Virtual Servers support.

One of the main reasons we wanted to look at an IBM Cloud solution rather than something that would just fix our short-term problem was to be able to stand up new instances of our software for different purposes. IBM Power Virtual Server is going to enable us to do that.

John Cullen, Chief Technical Architect, Asset Management Infrastructure Division, FNZ

Why Our Clients Use IBM PowerVS

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The time it takes for client FNZ to spin up a new server.

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Faster time it takes for the client FNZ to complete testing.

IBM Power Virtual Server Benefits.

IBM PowerVS is integrated with the IBM Cloud platform for on-demand provisioning providing a secure and scalable server virtualisation environment with pay-per-user pricing. For clients using IBM i and AIX that want to expand their IBM Power resources by deploying both on-premises and off-premises can do so with IBM PowerVS.

IBM PowerVS hardware



IBM Power Virtual Servers extend the same quality, virtual server resources that users have trusted for years:

  • A reliable, high-performance network operated by IBM
  • Modern global data centres with on-site staff and infrastructure
  • Configuration variety in system, cores, storage, network, OS and management
  • Fast provisioning to get workloads up and running on-demand
  • Essential and cost-free 24/7 customer support in chat, on the phone and in our online development communities


Switching to IBM PowerVS, Simplified. 

By switching to a more flexible cloud consumption model based on IBM PowerVS, organisations can flex resources up and down, move workloads around the IBM Cloud to allow system maintenance and no longer find themselves restricted by available compute resource should they be needed for short or long term projects.

IBM ensures that stability of the underlying infrastructure, however it remains the responsibility of the IBM PowerVS user to operate and maintain the LPARs and provide security, supportability and compliance.

Why CSI’s Advanced, Remote Managed Service Is Right For You. 

CSI provide a Remote Managed Service to support PowerVS environments allowing you to optimise application performance and workload efficiency by ensuring systems are correctly sized, securely connected and comprehensively monitored and managed.

CSI will proactively manage all operating system event alerts and determine the right course of action to ensure your business-critical applications remain available to enhance end-user productivity across your organisation.


Optimise performance to achieve new levels of growth.


Harness cost efficiencies that deliver competitive advantage.


Deliver innovative experiences and value at speed and scale.


Keep your data and your reputation safe from harm.

Discover What PowerVS Can Do.

IBM PowerVS offer practical solutions for virtual infrastructure partitions.

Users can start with non-production tasks in development, test, customer support and backup environments.

  • Development: Projects can begin without approval of Capex investment, delivery delays and time to deploy servers. Development environments can be provisioned as needed.
  • Test: IT can build automated, full-scale environments that spin on-command to accommodate the transient nature of the environment. Test times get reduced, multiple tests can run in parallel, etc.
  • Troubleshooting: Development teams can replicate issues faster by using an unlimited number of LPARs for diagnostics and resolution.
  • Disaster Recovery: Mission-critical systems of records, DB2 transactions or ERP/CRM plans can remain resilient and highly available when off-site backup is needed.

We’re here to Help.

Whether you’re on-premises, in the cloud, or looking for innovative modernisation options to support your future IT strategy, CSI’s expert 24/7 managed services allow you to focus on the client experience with the confidence that your IBM Power platforms are in safe hands.

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