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From malware innovation to weak points in the supply chain, discover what makes the UK manufacturing industry the most targeted by cyber criminals in this new security report commissioned by CSI. Exclusive insights, recommended technical controls, a new commentary on UK manufacturing – get the full report here.

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Market leading manufacturing IT support.

Industry 4.0, otherwise referred to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, encompasses industry-wide change through automation and data exchange. It’s the newest frontier that captures wild possibility with state-of-the-art technology responsible for making manufacturers more agile and receptive to the likes of consumer demand and marketplace change and regulation. As manufacturing looks ahead, the role of a costly threatscape, automation and efficiency gains, and modernising to become more agile than ever are high priorities.

At CSI we measure change differently. We are in conversation with manufacturers to understand how we can increase sales, improve cost efficiencies, and accelerate productivity goals. Technology is just the catalyst and the biggest goals defining your year ahead matter the most to us.

After 40+ years of delivering manufacturing IT support, we understand how costly challenges can stand in the way of your goals. We offer cutting-edge IT support to help manufacturers improve productivity, save money, increase security & resilience, and more. You might even need support unlocking the true potential of the Industry 4.0 revolution.

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Over the last few years, manufacturers have fallen victim to costly ransomware campaigns and started to turn to automation tools to improve operational efficiencies. Yet, modernising to meet demand and remain competitive in today’s markets is no easy feat.

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How CSI tailors IT support for manufacturers.

For decades, CSI has the been the trusted market-leading partner for manufacturing IT support. From industry insights, to cutting-edge technologies, our specialists have the experience to deploy fully managed, highly reliable, IT support solutions that extend into critical areas like storage, infrastructure, and even cybersecurity and resilience. Whether you need to ensure highly-performant IT keeps workloads online around the clock, or you need to improve cost and time efficiencies with automation, CSI has been working with manufacturers to provide highly impactful, simplified IT experiences.

A one-size fits all approach can leave manufacturers feeling frustrated by their IT. That’s why we build IT solutions that address today’s most pressing challenges. Utilise cloud platforms and predict costs, refocus on productivity gains, and deploy automation and AI to rapidly unlock value from new technologies.

Benefits of IT support for manufacturing.

Managed IT support can unlock a range of benefits for manufacturers and our solutions have been celebrated for the ways in which they create new areas of efficiency, tackle growing data volumes, secure systems, and, ultimately, enable high-speed performance around the clock. For your customers, this creates trust, satisfaction and ease, even during peak seasonal demand.

You could see many benefits, including:

  • Improved output productivity
  • Greater agility against disruption
  • Business models that flex with demand and consumption needs
  • Improved uptime & reliability
  • Better cyber defences
  • Access into AI technologies

CSI has a history of supporting IT

Let’s talk challenges for manufacturers.

In the last decade, manufacturing has changed dramatically in response to disruptive events like the global pandemic, changing trading agreements such as Brexit, and more. At CSI, we have played a key role in hundreds of transformations, helping to build better businesses and using technologies to secure, scale and optimise manufacturing workloads. Our specialists are engaging in a different kind of conversation – and it starts with your most pressing challenges.

As an award-winning MSP (managed services partner), we enable manufacturers to access fully managed services around cornerstone technologies from the likes of Microsoft, Dell, and IBM. We tailor solutions to the biggest challenges facing manufacturing right now.

Impactful IT support for manufacturing. 

Manufacturing has in recent years fallen victim to more ransomware attacks than any other industry. Combined with the pressure to deliver high demand across different territories against daily disruptions like regulatory and trade headwinds, manufacturers need reliable IT at the centre. Onboarding complementary automation, AI, and creating clear, predictable costs across cloud platforms are all key.

Some of the most costly challenges focus on optimising cloud consumption, utilising AI impactfully, and ensuring system performance.

We discuss those challenges in depth below. ↓

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Challenge #1

Ensuring constant availability & performance.

Downtime kills profitability – an IT mantra that’s especially true for manufacturers. Studies have found that the hourly cost of downtime can range from many thousands to millions, but no matter the exact cost, unplanned downtime is expensive. Application performance management (APM) and application resource management (ARM) can proactively and automatically allocate system resources ensuring optimal performance and availability.

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Challenge #2

Getting it right with a hybrid cloud methodology.

Building a hybrid cloud IT infrastructure is a key component in digital transformation for manufacturers seeking to take advantage of Industry 4.0. Combining the best of private and public clouds gives organisations the ability to take advantage of all environments, with some better suited or more cost-effective for certain workloads.

Manufacturers looking for digital transformation and a secure, open environment can move their existing workloads between on-premises or hosted infrastructure and the best possible cloud environment without business disruption.

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Challenge #3 

Harnessing big data with AI.

A single production line can generate more than 70 terabytes of big data per day, yet often that data remains unanalysed. Collecting data is one thing, but next level information technologies like AI, edge computing and cyber security are needed to extract value and act on this untapped data, especially when speed and data latency are critical factors. More and more companies are adopting AI technology today, compared to a year ago.


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