Trustworthy IT Solutions for the Public Sector.

The public is used to using online services every day – from online shopping to social media – and they now expect the same fast service and quality experiences in their interaction with government-run entities as well. The public sector is responsible for a wide range of services, and while each of these sub-sectors has its own set of objectives, they all face similar challenges such as, upgrading outdated IT infrastructure, extracting value from data, staying secure and driving technology adoption.

Finding the right partner who can provide thought leadership and specialised skills can be tricky, but frameworks such as G-Cloud are in place to help the public sector find accredited and trustworthy suppliers that can address resource availability and budget pressures.

Who We Help 

With a reputation for IT excellence that spans 40 years, CSI helps public sector organisations aspire to more than the status quo.

We design IT strategies and resolutions bespoke to modern challenges, helping public sector organisations such as:

  • Local Government
  • Central Government
  • Blue light (police & emergency services)
  • Defence
  • Housing Associations
  • And more

What’s Holding You Back? 

IT services are a workhorse for public sector areas. CSI’s expertise can help resolve your ongoing IT challenges, even opening your project to new opportunities for digital growth and success.

Find out how by leaving us a message and one of our specialists will be in touch.

Maximising Cyber Security and Data Storage Capabilities for the Public Sector

It’s widely reported how destructive the impact a cyber attack can have on the public sector, which is why investment in cyber security and data resilience is so important. We help clients in terms of detection and mitigation of cyber attacks, as well as data storage and restoration in the event of an incident.

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A trusted partner for the public sector

Cyber Essentials Plus
CSI helps customers on their cloud journey.

Challenge #1

Deploying Hybrid Multicloud the Right Way.

The UK government’s Cloud First policy sets out that that public sector organisations should consider and fully evaluate potential public cloud solutions first before considering any other option. This approach is mandatory for central government and strongly recommended to the wider public sector. Departments remain free to choose an alternative to the cloud but will need to demonstrate that it offers better value for money.

Where systems are better suited to private platforms, a hybrid approach will allows public sector organisations to select the right tools for specific jobs. With robust migration plans being critical to managing complexity, cost, regulatory compliance and risk, many organisations are turning to experienced partners to negotiate a meaningful cloud journey and avoid the pitfalls that others have found to their detriment.

CSI are IBM i security experts.

Challenge #2

What Does Cyber Security Mean to Your Business?

Cyber security is consistently a top priority in almost every survey of IT decision makers and ransomware is one of the fastest-growing security concerns across most industries, affecting private corporations and government agencies alike. The changes in working and home life imposed by the Covid pandemic forced an increase in online transactions which compounds the risk.

We know that maintaining cyber defences isn’t simple easy, but it’s critical that IT teams regularly assess threats to the business and keep up to date with advances in technology – cyber criminals do! Vulnerabilities can range from old unsupported hardware, unpatched operating platform and a lack of security awareness among staff – the majority of breaches can be traced to human error. IT solutions need to be supported by a security-ware culture where every employee is a player in the line of cyber defence.

We help financial services providers with legacy tech and hardware.

Challenge #3 

Outdated Infrastructure A Growth Barrier?

Ageing hardware – sometimes called “legacy systems” – can be the cause of poor performance and lack of flexibility. Out of support systems may still work, but there is an increased risk of failure or cyber breach when patches are no longer available, and may result in failed regulatory audits. Access to new technology is no longer dependent on the capex budget with public cloud services available on a pay-per-use model. Compared to cloud services, continuing to maintain legacy systems may be a costly choice.


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CSI’s experts have over 900 years of combined experience supporting and managing IBM Power Systems.

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CSI’s history of innovation has earned us credibility as a reliable, trusted partner of choice around the world.

The modernisation of our infrastructure with tiering to IBM Cloud Object Storage makes our platform suitable for future growth at scale.

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