Why backing up and restoring matters to businesses today.

Storage and Backup

Why Cyber-resilient Backups Are More Important Than Ever

Restoring mission-critical workloads with a backup strategy is the bedrock in understanding how your organisation can become even more resilient.

Your cyber security crisis isn't going away.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security tips and best practice

Discover top cyber security tips & lessons from industry influencers.

change freeze

About CSI

CSI Change Freeze (Dec 2023 – Jan 2024)

CSI will be operating a 'Change Freeze' across our hosted and managed infrastructure to manage risk at this critical time.


How much consideration goes into Responsible Computing in business today?

It’s important we think carefully about how technology decisions will impact the environment.

Windows Server 2012 EOS Guidance

Microsoft Azure

End of Support Guidance for Windows Server 2012 (Dos & Don’ts)

Here's what to do if you run workloads on Windows Server 2012.

About CSI

CSI Group Announces Change of Leadership

With effect from 13th October 2023, the CSI Group (www.csiltd.co.uk) has today announced a change of leadership that will see…

Cyber Security

When Ransomware Attacks are More Expensive than the Ransom

Discover the costs of a ransomware attack.

Public Cloud

Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Azure Virtual Desktop is more than a secure gateway into working from remote devices. Find out more...

Microsoft Azure

How to Protect Your Data When Using Microsoft Copilot

Learn more about Microsoft Copilot, an AI-powered productivity tool that can help enhance creative and collaborative projects.

Find out why Zero Trust is ideal for businesses.

Cyber Security

You Can’t Just Buy Zero Trust (But You Can Build It)

Is Zero Trust something you can buy off the shelf?

Cyber Security

What Does a Modern CISO Look Like?

With the new headlines around the role, what doe the modern CISO actually look like?

Technology creates positive climate action.


Getting to Net Zero

How responsible is IT in reducing our carbon footprint?