Azure Cost Management Services

Unpredictable cloud billing is causing cloud repatriation and de-investment, where organisations across the world are struggling to optimise for, and maintain visibility over, their long term cloud costs.

With more companies embracing hybrid cloud strategies, understanding costs on platforms like Azure is more important that ever. Cloud cost optimisation, according to the 2023 Flexera report, is the single highest challenge across all organisations. But managing those costs – having fuller visibility – is no small feat when you have ambitious plans to scale or high demand.

Azure Cost Optimisation.

CSI’s Azure Cost Management Support.

CSI’s cloud specialists help organisations simplify cloud spending through analysis on past and predicted future spends. Together with cloud migration modelling, cost optimisation, and cloud spend efficiency, we help review only the services you need to succeed in Azure.

As you accelerate innovation, adopt more services, scale, or even address demand, your Azure consumption can result in what feels like unpredictable, costly billing. In fact, spiralling cloud costs is contributing to cloud repatriation, which defines where organisations are U-turning on their cloud investments over struggles to control billing predictability.

Typical Cloud Cost Challenges. 

Working closely with clients across different, regulated industries, our cloud experts often hear about the challenges associated with managing costs in cloud platforms, such as:

  • How do I accurately forecast cloud costs?
  • How do I make sense of my billing?
  • Can I consolidate my billing and invoicing? 

Does this sound familiar? Speak directly to one of our cloud specialists for a hassle-free, no-obligation call now.

Azure Management Key Features

Resource Usage & Spend Analytics.

Strategise cost optimisation and deepen visibility and analytics across OS, resources and spend, including shutdowns against obsolete and inefficient applications.



Capacity optimisation

Capacity Planning & Optimisation.

Everything from consultation to resource guidance and reporting, accurate calculations and information regarding capacity planning and how resources are optimised.

Feature: custom invoicingCustom Invoicing.

Simplified invoicing, all in one place (even if you run a hybrid cloud environment). You can now even schedule, make recurring, or automate invoicing to eliminate errors from manual calculations.

Feature: spend-forecastingSpend Usage & Forecasting.

More advanced forecasting for reports using cloud usage trends. Make better, more informed decisions for cloud spending.

Make your cloud migration a one time journey.

Benefits of our Azure Cost Management Services.

CSI’s Azure cost management capabilities are designed to help you save. Empower, strengthen and flex your Azure practice with cost optimisation that turns visibility issues into actionable insights and real-life efficiencies.




Benefits include:

  • Simplify billing and invoicing
  • Confidence in cost predictions and forecasts
  • Enhance visibility and allocation of cloud spend
  • Scale in Azure with timely cost efficiencies


Flexera spending in cloud

An estimated quarter of businesses are wasting money in the cloud.

According to the 2023 Flexera ‘State of the Cloud‘ Report, at least a quarter of businesses are projecting cost inefficiencies from their cloud investments this year. Another 62% of organisations, on the other hand, desire better cost savings from their cloud platform.


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