Managed Detection and Response

Alert Logic is the leading provider of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.

Since no level of investment prevents or blocks 100% of attacks, organisations need to continuously identify and address breaches or security gaps before they cause real damage. With limited resources and security expertise, this level of security can seem out of reach.

As the 2021 Alert Logic EMEA Partner of the Year, CSI helps organisations to reduce the likelihood, or impact, of a successful cyberattack, through security monitoring and incident response services. Delivered by our dedicated analysts in the Security Operations Centre (SOC), we provide clients with security peace of mind, 24×7.


Our client is one of Europe’s leading privately owned food processors, packaging and distributing an assortment of meat products to thousands of customers worldwide.


Our client operates from multiple sites across mainland Europe, each possessing its own IT needs and requirements. Their infrastructure is hybrid, spanning both on-premise and cloud platforms; making security visibility a real challenge for their IT team, which is lean and lacks any dedicated security staff. Without any real means of threat detection, their IT estate risk profile was high. As an international food processor, the business couldn’t afford disruptions, so they sought a solution that solved their challenges and reduced risk to their business.


CSI’s security advisory team was engaged to identify the most effective solution to solve the client’s core challenges – visibility, threat detection, and security personnel. We recommended our managed detection and response (MDR) service, powered by our security partner Alert Logic. Expert analysts manage the MDR platform, monitor customer environments around the clock, and work to a 15-minute SLA on incident response. This ensures that if a threat is detected, it is triaged and escalated to our operational centre, which act on behalf of the customer to eradicate the threat before it causes harm.


Using our MDR services, our client solved each of their core challenges using a single solution. It provides robust, continuous visibility across their entire IT estate via a centralised dashboard and 24×7 security monitoring performed by experts to reduce their risk profile and ultimately keep their IT online. The Alert Logic service is also supported by an MDR Concierge, aligned to ensure clients receive maximum value from their solution, advising on actions to continually improve their security posture.