Achieve Digital Optimisation with Expert Advice

We have entered an accelerated era.
The landscape of both threat and opportunity is in constant flux.

Competitive advantage today provides no guarantee of advantage tomorrow. This can only come from having the agility to continually and cost-effectively adapt.

At CSI, we see three forces that are creating the need for a perpetual edge:

  • Digital acceleration

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Exponential advances are accelerating obsolescence. Digital flows now eclipse the flow of goods and capital as the source of value and growth.

    The big no longer eat the small. The digital eat the analogue.

    • 45x

      While global trade and capital flows have declined significantly since 2008, cross-border bandwidth has grown 45 times larger, with a nine-fold increase projected over the next five years.

      Mckinsey Global Institute

    • 12 Months

      15 years ago, web-based services took 3-5 years to become obsolete. Today it takes 12 months.


    • 52%

      Today, machines do 29% of the world’s total work hours. By 2025 it will increase to 52%.

      World Economic Forum

    • 2.8x

      Digital businesses are creating jobs 2.8 times faster than the rest of the uk economy.

      Department for digital, culture, media & sport

    All companies need to be technology companies

  • Digital disruption

    The customer and employee experience are now digital. As expectations heighten and patience shortens, interaction with brands needs to be fast, fulfilling and cost-effective.

    Get it wrong and a competitor is taking your business, your talent or both.

    • 250ms

      Users will visit a website less often if it is slower than a competitor’s by just 250 milliseconds.

      New york times

    • -7%

      Every second it takes for a page to load, conversion rates drop by 7%.

      Digital next

    • 80%

      By 2025, 80% of enterprises will no longer use traditional data centres.


    • 75%

      Nearly 75% of millennials consider remote working key when considering an employer.


    If you’re not disrupting, you’re being disrupted

  • Digital threat

    Organisations face an increasing spectrum of risk from morphing cyber threat, flexible work patterns, a shifting regulatory landscape and changing societal expectations.

    It means that even when your data is safe your reputation may still be at risk.

    • 86%

      86% of executives agree data breaches are more likely to occur with remote workers.


    • 72%

      72% of large businesses have experienced a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months.

      Uk national cyber security centre

    • 3million

      The shortage of cyber security professionals is close to three million globally, with Europe lacking over 100,000 IT staff dedicated to defending organisations from cyber threats.

      (ISC)2 Cyber Security Workforce Study, 2018

    • 1/3

      A third of customers in retail, finance and healthcare will stop doing business with organisations that have suffered data breaches.

      Information age

    Automation and prediction are the new mitigation