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The need for speed and agility when developing and delivering new innovative applications cannot compromise quality and leading DevOps teams are evaluating areas where closer collaboration can benefit the CI/CD process, including fast, simple and reliable provisioning of development and test environments.

In the past if the right environment wasn’t available, then the project over-ran on timeline and. budget. “As-a-service” cloud infrastructure and platforms overcome this risk. Compared to in-house IT systems, cloud platforms can establish efficient project, test and pre-production environments throughout the process from development to and user acceptance testing (UAT).

Cloud-based testing and development has the potential to accelerate and optimise in a very significant way the overall product development process. Gartner predicts that cloud-based testing is one of the cloud technologies that can deliver a high level of benefits to organisations that adopt it for functional, non-functional and end use acceptance testing.

A Trusted Partner in Testing As Service for Cloud

Red Hat

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, CSI has many years of experience helping ISVs to win new business and to enable their DevOps teams to quickly and securely test and distribute new software on IBM i, AIX and Linux platforms.

Working together, we simplify delivery and put the focus on the application without the distraction of placing an increased burden on in-house IT teams. This enables faster purchasing decisions and improved software adoption.

CSI’s Workload Modernisation Solutions include:

  1. Initial build to create an image for the temporary environment
  2. Refresh for each test or demo cycle:

• Loading the LPAR image
• Network re-connection
• Data migration to the temporary environment
• Monitoring and management of temporary LPARs
• Saving the latest image
• Deleting the temporary partition

3. Quarterly configuration check

Once the temporary environment is built, there is a minimal charge for image library and CAM licensing. Other resource charges are only incurred during a live test cycle.

CSI’s Awards

IBM Beacon Award

CSI Leads the Market with Beacon Award Win.

CSI was recognised for our Test as a Service solution winning a 2021 IBM Beacon Award in the Most Innovative IBM Hybrid Cloud Solution with IBM Power Systems category. Now in their 22nd year, the IBM Beacon Awards celebrate the next generation of innovators, creators and thinkers that use IBM technology to power innovative solutions for partners and their clients. The cost benefit of using easy to set-up and tear-down temporary systems in the IBM Cloud for development and testing depends on how often the environments are used. Once the test environment has been built, the use of a temporary system can cost as little as £100 per day.

When compared with maintaining a permanent test environment, “pay as you use” billing can deliver significant savings. The benefit of using Infrastructure as Code and IT automation also vastly improves the accuracy and speed of development and testing when compared to carrying out the same task manually.

With rigorous testing such an essential part of the software development process, you can’t afford to cut corners. With CSI Test-as-a-Service you don’t have to.

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