Compliant, effective IT solutions for the financial services sector.

Working closely with building societies across the UK and global banking firms, CSI’s financial services consultants are experienced in delivering quick, compliant and, importantly, tightly secure IT services and support. Our IT solutions for financial services are designed to scale up to, and flex with, today’s most pressing challenges, including ransomware, competitive deployment of technology, cloud computing, and more.

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CSI's expert It support for financial services

How CSI supports financial services providers.

With access to the market’s leading skills and technologies, CSI’s guidance and support is different from other MSPs. Our specialists become an extension of your IT team – this means we understand the most pressing challenges you face and we get behind your most critical and complex workloads to help you succeed.

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Our solutions focus on making your firm more efficient, secure and optimally performant. Our specialists help firms with the following:

  • Adopt emergent (and relevant) technologies at the right time
  • Deliver optimal user experience around the clock
  • End-to-end application assurances
  • Operational assurances
  • Cyber security best practice

Whether your goal is about cost-efficiency, security, compliance, or you need to rethink your competitive edge, our experienced experts are on-hand to advise on, and deploy, award-winning IT support and solutions.

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The CSI Difference

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CSI’s experts have over 900 years of combined experience supporting and managing IBM Power Systems.

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of CSI employees are in client-facing roles, providing best in class customer service.


CSI’s history of innovation has earned us credibility as a reliable, trusted partner of choice around the world.

Benefits of CSI’s IT support for financial services providers.

Accredited to exacting industry-leading frameworks and partnering with Microsoft and other cloud providers, CSI is uniquely positioned to offer the most competitive solutions and support across the market. Independent, certified expertise, CSI benefits firms like yours by driving meaningful transformation from the inside out.



  • Minimise disruption from digital risks
  • Optimise IT to end-user experience
  • Ensure application efficiency and performance
  • Operational assistance when you need it
  • Unlock your cloud investment, including Azure
  • Leverage a modern office with Azure Desktop and MS Office
  • Modernise your infrastructure and applications

New capabilities are reaching your market.

PwC sees the Global Financial Services technology sector taking these five key capabilities to market:

#1. Digital transformation

Business process transformation, CRM, mobile and core systems transformation

#2. Analytics & new technology

Advanced analytics, Big Data, cryptocurrencies, robotics and artificial intelligence

#3. CIO advisory

Enterprise architecture, IT sourcing, IT governance, cloud, cost & value / ops & service management

#4. Risk & regulatory technology

IT risk & resilience, financial crime, Know Your Customer, GRC, customer compliance

#5. Cyber security

Risk management, threat intel & management, incident response, identity & access management

Accredited IT specialists for financial professionals.

Our award-winning IT support is certified to exacting frameworks so you don’t just have to take our work for it.


What’s holding back financial services right now?

The financial services sector has many opportunities for growth, but firms in this industry operate in an increasingly regulated and competitive market. From tightening compliance frameworks, to disruptive technologies, everyday rivalry, risk, and even a threat landscape that keeps expanding, how do financial services providers prioritise their IT?

At CSI, we understand that banks, building societies and investment management services face more challenges than many other markets in the United Kingdom and beyond. Our specialists are engaged in a different kind of conversation about challenges right now – below we have outlined key concerns ↓ 


Challenge #1

Troubled cyber security posture.

Cyber security is consistently a top priority in almost every survey of IT decision makers. Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing security concerns across most industries, affecting corporations, government agencies and private entities alike. What’s more concerning, the sensitive nature of your data puts financial professionals at greater risk.

Vulnerabilities can range from old unsupported hardware, an unpatched operating platform and a lack of security awareness among staff – did you know the majority of breaches can be traced to human error? IT solutions need to be supported by a security-ware culture where every employee is a player in the line of cyber defence.

We help financial services with compliance.

Challenge #2

Achieving (and maintaining) regulatory compliance is no small feat.

The financial services sector is already one of the most heavily regulated industries and as the industry turns to new technologies, governing bodies introduce new regulations and maintaining compliance can be tough. Any failure to meet guidelines can open a company to the risk of data breaches, loss of reputation and the possibility of financial penalties, or worse.

CSI recognises the importance of designing infrastructure to support these requirements – from the FCA’s CQUEST cyber resilience assessment and SYSC 8.1 outsourcing requirements, to the PRA SS2/21 Supervisory Statement on managing third-party risk – including how to plan for a rapid stressed exit from a public cloud provider.

We help financial services providers with legacy tech and hardware.

Challenge #3 

Outdated infrastructure becoming a risk?

Ageing hardware – sometimes called legacy systems – can be the cause of poor performance and lack of flexibility. Out of support systems may still work, but there is an increased risk of failure or cyber breach when patches are no longer available, and worse may result in failed regulatory audits.

“Born-in-the-cloud” new entrants are not hindered by legacy and can take advantage of innovative technology like containerisation, serverless computing and hybrid multicloud models where workloads can run on any platform. However, we’ve seen companies grow and beat the competition by enjoying the best of both worlds – retain core systems rich with institutional knowledge and exploit emerging IT trends.

I’m confident that we’ve chosen the right technology partner to set us up for the next 5-10 years ahead.

Simon Thompson, CFO – Key Read more

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