High performance computing (HPC) services & solutions.

CSI’s Demo Labs simplifies complex IT solutions by allowing you to trial the HPC solutions that have the most impact on achieving your business goals. Our HPC services and solutions are easy to use, designed with market-leading technologies, and cost-efficient, so your organisation can build a powerful platform for HPC workloads that delivers the performance, speed and operational resilience you demand.

Our demo lab trials are free when you sign up for use-cases. To understand more, please get in touch today.



CSI’s Demo Lab is one of a kind. How?  CSI is enabling businesses to get hands-on with advanced and cost-optimised HPC solutions used in performance-critical, exacting environments, including Formula 1,  Scientific Cancer Research, and International Banking & Finance.

Try, test and deploy HPC solutions fast and hassle-free.

  • Free demos when you try use-cases.
  • Trial key technologies before you invest in them.
  • Experience market-leading demos including hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and hybrid cloud resource simulations.
  • See first-hand how new technologies could impact your operations in terms of speed, performance, security and resilience.
  • Explore new heights for data analytics with improved processing speeds and performance guarantees from leading vendors.


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The Art of the Possible.

What makes CSI different is our ability to demonstrate market-leading technologies to customers before they even make a purchase. The CSI Demo Labs, operated by our Presales Specialists, aims to bring together integrated solutions in a demo environment that allows you to explore capabilities and technologies.

Our HPC sandbox lets you trial use-cases using technologies and products new to the market, including:

  • Hybrid Cloud with IBM Power Systems servers
  • Red Hat OpenShift Multi-Architecture Compute
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes
  • Instana and/or Turbonomic for hybrid cloud resource simulations
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps
  • IBM ESS/Storage Scale
  • IBM Storage Fusion (HCI)
  • IBM Storage Defender

Benefits of the CSI Demo Labs.

See how to deploy in-demand new technologies and discover first-hand the benefits of HPC products and how they could transform your operations. If your business operates a highly regulated, complex environment, with support from our Demo Labs experts, you can discover the transformative power of new integrated solutions and products.

At a glance, our Demo Labs offers insight into:

  • Persistent Data
  • Containerised Applications
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Resource Optimisation
  • … and more!

Our Fusion Kit

Oxford Cancer Biomarkers.

Learn how a cancer research facility innovated treatment pathways with biomarker technologies to prioritise patient care.

Proud technology partner to Oxford Cancer Biomarkers (OCB), CSI developed and deployed a cutting-edge IT solution that achieved cost-efficient, improved patient care within a socialised healthcare setting. Supporting oncology researchers, CSI helped OCB take advantage of the latest artificial intelligence models to personalise cancer treatments for patients.

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