Managed Backup and Recovery Services

Discover. Understand. Protect.

Imagine having faster backups, fast recovery and fewer headaches. Organisations need a rapid and reliable way to back up and recover their critical data in case of an IT failure or ransomware attack.

CSI has designed a versatile portfolio of services that takes advantage of powerful technologies and can easily be adapted and sized to suit the specific needs of your business.

In response to the growing challenge to protect critical data, CSI’s Helix Protect takes advantage of powerful technologies and can easily be tailored to suit the specific needs of any business. With Helix Protect in place, backup management is simpler than ever before with CSI providing monitoring and analytics across your environment, giving you the assurance that data is secure.

Many IT leaders aren’t always sure if they too few or too many storage resources – and whether all critical data is backed and recoverable. CSI’s Helix Discover uses a range of network scanning tools and human intelligence to convert raw information into a clear understanding of what is going on with regards to backup, recovery and storage capabilities.

Rapid growth rates have significant implications for how businesses store, process and protect critical data. CSI’s Helix Storage helps you to understand storage resource allocation and demand with management, administration and analytics. Regular service reviews also explore alternative storage strategies and vendors.

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