SIEM as a Service

Seamless SIEM.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a critical component of any organisation’s security strategy. However, all too often, resource restraints mean the full functionality and benefit of SIEM technologies goes unused, increasing vulnerability to threat.

CSI’s SIEM as a Service enables you to reduce both threat and cost by providing a full range of unified threat management solutions, operated from our 24-hour Security Operations Centre and delivered as a managed IT service.

Businesses increasingly need to do more with less and hackers exploit this fact. CSI’s Cyber Security Centre (CSC) enables you to commit to comprehensive threat protection without committing to the associated investment of your own SCS and team of cyber experts. Our NCSC certified multi-discipline experts not only identify events, they provide the analysis needed for you to understand what they mean and how best to respond to threats before they impact your enterprise.

IT security products alone cannot deliver adequate threat protection. That’s why CSI integrates cutting-edge cyber software with a managed IT service and advisory practice. Our NCSC certified security team maintain certifications across key technology areas to protect critical server, network, storage and cloud architectures.

With the increase in remote working, misuse of identity and access has become one of the most prevalent security challenges faced by businesses. Response is critical but excessive controls can disrupt normal business operations. CSI’s Access and Identity Management services enable your enterprise to achieve enhanced workforce productivity and strengthened endpoint security.

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