AI Threat Detection

The rise of the good machines.

Digitisation, migration to the cloud, remote working and increasingly sophisticated cyber-criminality means the landscape of cyber risk is constantly morphing. No sooner are you protected from attack before the nature of attack changes.

Nowhere is this more heightened than with zero-day threats. CSI’s response? Harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to spot the tell-tale patterns of threat before it strikes.

It’s a predictive, real-time approach that enables your enterprise to avoid, not just react to cyber threat.

CSI’s Anti-Malware Services use machine learning to provide a viable way to identify, classify and analyse the millions of security events that happen each day. Our next-generation anti-virus protection ensures your analysts know when their intervention is needed and enables them to prioritise response based on threat level. The result is intelligent and cost-effective threat immunisation.

Regardless of operating system, location or connectivity, our Endpoint Patch Management service can accurately identify endpoint information in seconds, deploy third-party software with high first-pass success rates and continuously monitor, patch and secure endpoints.

This effective discovery, deployment and enforcement means your IT team can cut operational costs, compress endpoint management cycles and enforce compliance in real-time.

The data that hackers and rogue employees find most attractive – IP, credit card and personal information – is the same data that causes your enterprise most financial and reputational harm. CSI’s Encryption service enables you to protect both voluminous ‘data in transit’ and valuable ‘data at rest’, ensuring your security controls are most effective where it most counts.

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