Find out why Zero Trust is ideal for businesses.

Cyber Security

You Can’t Just Buy Zero Trust (But You Can Build It)

Is Zero Trust something you can buy off the shelf?

Cyber Security

What Does a Modern CISO Look Like?

With the new headlines around the role, what doe the modern CISO actually look like?

Switch to a CSP

Microsoft Azure

Are there Benefits to Switching to a CSP for Microsoft Licensing?

Cost-efficient, no-frills consumption is desirable in a modern business climate, where IT budgets tighten as resources start to feel precious.…

Technology creates positive climate action.


Getting to Net Zero

How responsible is IT in reducing our carbon footprint?

The UK is the home of AI


The UK’s Technology Landscape Might Just Be the Best Home for AI Yet

The UK, key in global policy-making, is perhaps the best home for AI yet.

Businesses can avoid cloud repatriation with these steps.

Public Cloud

The Cloud Repatriation Trap: How to Get it Right the First Time

Some companies who had moved to the cloud are now reversing that decision. Is 2023 really the year of cloud…

Public Cloud

DORA: new rules to step up operational resilience for cloud-based systems across Europe by 2025

DORA came into force in Jan 2023, and the financial services businesses affected need to achieve compliance by Jan 2025.

A guide to IBM i.

IBM Power

A Loyalists Guide to IBM i Modernisation

IBM i – Formerly AS/400 Beyond the technology, IBM i is an environment designed to support businesses as they navigate…

Application Modernisation

Training and Support Services for SAP Business Objects

If you're running SAP Business Objects (BOBJ), we can help analyse your underlying systems and recommend optimisation actions.

Hybrid Cloud Options.

Public Cloud

Tips to Help You Choose the Most Appropriate Hybrid Cloud Option for Your Company

Navigate hybrid cloud platforms for your business.

Observability and monitoring unlcock a bigger picture about your IT.

Public Cloud

Observability vs Monitoring: Why You Need Both

What's the difference between observability and monitoring? Find out from CSI's technicians why you need both for a bigger picture…

IBM Power8 End of Service guidance

IBM Announcements

IBM Power 8 End of Service (EoS) Guidance: What Customers Should Do Next

With the IBM POWER8 End of Service (EoS) announcement, find out what customers can do next.