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Whistlebrook and CSI partnership

Whistlebrook and CSI Ltd longstanding partnership enables financial institutions to consume Whistlebrook’s software applications ‘as a Service’ through compliant, secure, cloud service offerings.

By partnering with CSI, Whistlebrook’s software product applications are delivered through highly available, secure, reliable, cloud platforms, which result in a seamless end user experience. The established operating model ensures efficient client communication, with an optimised IT architecture to deliver best value, while maintaining operational robustness, security, and compliance.

UK-based managed service provider, CSI Ltd, has been working closely with leading financial services software provider Whistlebrook for more than a decade. The established relationship provides financial services firms with a trusted delivery mechanism for Whistlebrook’s business-critical applications.


PaaS and IaaS Deployment Models

Whistlebrook’s integrated suite of back-office financial software solutions can be deployed as Platform as a Service (Paas) or Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) models. This provides Whistlebrook clients with an alternative to on-premises software deployment to meet their commercial and operational needs.

The partnership trust is built upon industry accreditations and experience. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with an advanced specialisation in Azure Virtual Desktop, CSI has a proven pedigree of working with clients in regulated industries. Whistlebrook applications will run at peak performance and be monitored around the clock – and be secured and compliant to exacting standards including ISO 27001, PCI DSS, Cyber Essentials and more.


“We have worked closely with CSI for many years and we are now delighted to formalise our strategic partnership. CSI is a leading innovator in cloud hosting solutions and this collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing cutting-edge software applications to the financial services sector. By working closely with CSI, we are ensuring a seamless, secure, and scalable hosting environment for our products. This partnership underscores our dedication to streamlining operations and delivering value to our clients in the dynamic landscape of financial technology.”

~ Jon Sayer, Business Development Director, Whistlebrook



Founded in 1997 Whistlebrook, is a critical third-party provider of back-office software solutions to the UK financial services industry.

Whistlebrook’s software solutions enable financial services businesses to focus on their customer engagement whilst all of their regulatory reporting, financial accounting, and financial risk management and forecasting needs are met by an integrated suite of products.

The software product portfolio orchestrates the data from financial organisations’ core systems of record and customer engagement platforms into a consistent whole.

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Speaking about the partnership, Matthew Clemow, Business Development Manager at CSI says:

“We are proud to partner with Whistlebrook to deliver innovative financial services applications, while helping clients maintain operational robustness, security, and compliance. Our collaborative partnership has been developing for more than 10 years, and together we ensure businesses can consume applications via a trusted delivery mechanism, and optimised IT infrastructure that delivers the best value.”


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