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Digital Transformation Survey Results

Our recent research survey finds that legacy infrastructure is still one of the most common reasons holding businesses back, but part of the issue is based on misconceptions about the cloud.

The research points to a lack of understanding of what is and isn’t possible when it comes to legacy infrastructure and the cloud.

These concerns and misjudgments are holding businesses back in ways that threaten their growth potential.

Cloud is high on agility and provides much greater flexibility for growth.

Running applications in the cloud allows an organisation to create value faster, take advantage of newer and more powerful technology and deliver consistent and compliant workloads all the while keeping the focus on its business objectives.

To download a full copy of the report CLICK HERE


The survey was conducted by Sapio among 200 managers or above, with responsibility for decision making over IT purchases, working in companies with over 250 employees in the finance industry (100) or other industries (100).