CSI and IBM Power in the Cloud

It’s a challenge facing many IBM Power Systems customers – competitor and market demands mean that you want to extend your IBM i, AIX and Linux workloads, but your current infrastructure can’t keep up.

What’s more, you don’t want the upheaval of changing your platform and you certainly don’t want the capital expense of adding new on-premise servers.

The good news is – you don’t have to.

Welcome to the CSI PowerCloud

The cloud has revolutionised the way organisations operate. Many products and services that were once bought, installed, maintained, upgraded and managed on your premises are now available virtually.

IBM Power Systems is one of them – with CSI PowerCloud – the scalable, cost-effective way to run your AIX, IBM i, and Linux workloads in the cloud.

The CSI PowerCloud takes all the benefits of IBM Power Systems and cloud computing, and builds in CSI expertise. The result is the low cost, highly flexible solution to the challenge of growing your IBM i, AIX and Linux capacity.

The best of both worlds

IBM Power Systems servers have a well-deserved reputation for reliability, security and longevity. So, not surprisingly, you’ll want to hang on to yours, even if they’re not the very latest version.

But that doesn’t have to become a legacy issue. With the CSI PowerCloud Exchange service, you can connect at wire-speed to the world’s public clouds and benefit from an unbeatable combination that enables you to:

  • Run your workloads when and where you want

Bring more capacity to your existing Power infrastructure – on-demand, within minutes. Stay competitive and agile with flexible management both on-premises and off-premises.

  • Grow at your own pace

Extend your Power workloads into the cloud without heavy upfront costs. Help keep budgets under control with transparent pricing and pay-as-you-use billing.

  • Choose your deployment

Select your system and customise cores, storage, network, OS and more. Let the CSI team fully manage it for you or, or keep the management in-house if preferred.

  • Stay secure

The CSI PowerCloud provides high availability and disaster recovery as well as automated data protection, while our IT automation expertise ensures that systems are built to minimise manual checks and time-consuming rework. We also offer 24/7 support and high availability options.

Find out more

CSI is an IBM Platinum Business Partner, and Expert in IBM Power Systems.

Working closely with the IBM team, we have developed a private cloud for Power Systems. It’s the most scalable, most cost-effective way to run your AIX, IBM i and Linux workloads in the cloud.

With our unparalleled technical and operational expertise and matchless service for clients running critical workloads, you can be confident that when your current infrastructure can’t keep pace with market demands, expensive capex upgrades are replaced with access to high-performance on-demand compute facilities.

Trust in our IBM heritage, breadth of knowledge and support capabilities.

To learn more about how your organisation could benefit from CSI PowerCloud please contact CSI on +44 (0) 800 1088 301 or email [email protected] to get in touch with our friendly Client Director!

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The CSI Power Cloud a glance

With CSI PowerCloud, IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers integrates your AIX® and IBM i capabilities and provides a truly cutting-edge enterprise architecture.

That means you get fast, self-service provisioning, flexible management both on-premises and off, and access to a stack of enterprise Cloud services – all with pay-as-you-use billing that lets you easily scale up and out.