Specialised Cloud Services

Made to measure. When off-the-shelf doesn’t cut it.

Public cloud computing is widely available and can benefit many applications. But there are situations where customised environments are needed to ensure availability, scalability, and performance of particular workloads.

When applications can’t run on the bleeding-edge, the CSI PowerCloud can run legacy versions of IBM hardware and software to support critical systems of record.

Plus, our compliance services can help when heavily regulated industries require extra levels of governance.

In collaboration with IBM, CSI developed a private cloud for Power Systems running IBM i, AIX or Linux so what was once considered a legacy issue, is now a ‘have your cake and eat it’ scenario.

This means you can leverage the bullet-proof compute of Power Systems on an opex, burstable, pay-as-you-go model.

What’s more, once in the cloud, you can connect at wire-speed between multiple cloud environments through CSI’s PowerCloud Exchange service, transforming established infrastructure into truly cutting-edge enterprise architecture.

CSI provides cloud services to many organisations that demand extraordinary levels of compliance.

Meeting regulatory demands in the digital economy can quickly exhaust manual processes so CSI applies IT automation to all aspects of discovery, build and operations.

We support clients’ audit requirements with automated compliance reports, session logging, PCI DSS scans, and cyber protection services.

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