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Performance and cost-efficiency for mission-critical Oracle applications

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Exploring the business case for Oracle on IBM Power Systems

For every business, there are mission-critical systems and processes where failure is not an option. For many organisations, Oracle applications form part of the essential operations and if these systems slow down – or worse, stop – production lines might come to a halt, stocks could pile up in warehouses, or employees could simply be unable to do their jobs – resulting in potentially disastrous outcomes.

If Oracle applications are vital for your business operations to remain stable, productive, and profitable, then you want to run them on the most reliable, resilient and secure platforms available. We understand migrating mission-critical applications is not a decision taken lightly. But what if you could unlock greater productivity and efficiency – and uncover significant savings, particularly on your Oracle Database software maintenance costs?

By understanding the business case for your specific environment, CSI can help you unleash valuable benefits through our experience of architecting IT platforms optimised for performance, reliability and the best commercial fit.

How to reduce the cost of Oracle Database licensing?

There are several strategies you can adopt to reduce Oracle Database software maintenance costs, including:

  • Reducing the number of Oracle Database software licenses that you require
  • Delivering higher performance using your existing licensed capacity
  • Purchasing enterprise level software maintenance for Oracle Database from an alternative vendor
  • Migrating applications to alternative enterprise database options to remove Oracle completely

Run Oracle on Architecture Designed for Data

Consolidation of your Oracle Database workloads onto a server architecture designed for data, such as IBM Power10, is a way to save money by utilising the right underlying architecture.

By running Oracle on IBM Power Systems, you can utilise IBM Power capabilities to reduce licensing costs by getting a higher utilisation of CPU and avoid server sprawl.

The latest Power10 processors give twice as much performance per core over x86 servers.

With hard partitioning you don’t pay for all cores in a server – only pay for the ones that you use.

Plus, with a shared a pool of processors between VMs you can share licenses between instances; meaning you utilise the same pool of licenses with hard limits and further reduce your software maintenance costs.

By adopting IBM Power10 you could save up to 50% on your software maintenance, energy and cooling costs, and systems management.

Increase Efficiency with Enhanced Storage Solutions

By underpinning your Oracle Database with high performance storage, you can increase efficiency and responses to data queries.

Utilising the latest IBM Storage solutions, such as leveraging the performance capabilities of FlashSystem, will help reduce costs by achieving a higher throughput for faster lookups, by delivering data to the database faster.

Achieve microsecond latency for data lookups and faster responses to queries – and reduce CPU wait time for higher efficiency.

With reduced storage capacity requirements, data reduction with real-time compression – and data deduplication that can reduce backups by 95% – you can not only reduce software licensing and hardware costs, but also charges for hosting, energy and cooling.

Save Money with Third Party Software Maintenance

You can reduce the cost of Oracle software maintenance by using alternative enterprise level support offerings.

For example, with IBM Technical Lifecycle Services (TLS) to support your Oracle Database environment you get enterprise level support agreements from one vendor who can support hardware and software – and reduced costs compared to going direct with Oracle.

IBM TLS includes support for older version of Oracle Database and allows customers to run legacy versions; extended beyond Oracle support dates.

You get cover for customised software and code and it includes support for integrations and interfaces.

So if you want flexible support at a lower cost (up to 50% cheaper), with reduced complexity of support management then get in touch with us today.

Why IBM for Oracle Workloads?

More benefits of running Oracle on IBM

Data security

  • IBM Storage Safeguarded Copy delivers additional ransomware protection
  • IBM PowerSC monitors workload security and ensures compliance to regulations
  • Data encryption from memory, through network, into Storage for higher protection
  • Services available to plan and implement security practices to protect data

Improved resilience

  • Extended reliability, availability, and scalability features across Power and Storage
  • Up to 99.999% uptime for critical workloads
  • High availability options for continuous uptime

Case Study: Oracle on IBM Power

With the Oracle and IBM solution, Dashen Bank benefited from vastly reduced times to close its accounts daily, monthly and annually, and customers have been able to access services up to 90 percent faster.


Case Study: Oracle on IBM Storage

Europe’s third largest manufacturer of furniture for offices and public spaces, Nowy Styl, migrated Oracle workloads to a solution including IBM FlashSystem storage and vastly reduced reporting times by up to 78%.

Innovate with IBM Power Systems

More and more businesses are using IBM Power Systems as the foundation for a hybrid multicloud architecture, supporting innovative technologies such as containerisation and automation. 

If you rely on a diverse landscape of applications, IBM Power Systems allows you to run them side-by-side on the same physical machine and streamline your IT environment.

At CSI, we strive to enable businesses to reach their true potential through the adoption of IT solutions. 

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help you save money on Oracle Database with our software licensing optimisation service.

Contact us to find out how we can help you gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs and maintain continuous license compliance.

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