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Enable new heights of performance and cost-efficiency for mission-critical applications

Exploring the compelling business case for Oracle on IBM Power Systems

For every business, there are some systems and processes where failure is not an option. For many organisations, Oracle applications are an essential part of these mission-critical operations. If these systems slow down – or worse, stop – production lines might come to a halt, stock could pile up in warehouses, or employees could simply be unable to do their jobs.

If Oracle applications are vital for your business, the platform to run them on is a major decision. Choose wisely, and you could unlock greater productivity and efficiency. Choose poorly, and your users and customers could suffer.

With Oracle on IBM Power Systems, you can boost performance and maximise resilience for your most critical systems. What might surprise you is that you could also make significant cost-savings particularly on costly Oracle licensing. CSI can help you unleash these benefits by understanding the business case for your specific environment, and we have many years of experience architecting and running Oracle on POWER platforms optimised for performance, reliability and best commercial fit.

Tempted by the cloud?

You may have heard the case for moving to the Oracle Cloud. However, there are some drawbacks to this approach.

First, you could lose out on your on-premises license investments. The Oracle Cloud approach also locks you into using Oracle applications. Whether Oracle is a part of your long-term IT strategy or not, it’s always better to have options. There’s extended support for Oracle on IBM Power Systems until at least 2030, which means you get more flexibility along with the security of a long-term roadmap.

When assessing the financial impact of an IT purchase, it’s important to look at the big picture. This is because the ongoing cost of ownership often dwarfs the cost of acquisition.

With each generation of IBM Power Systems, companies get more per-core performance and lower licensing costs. You can take advantage of hard partitioning to cap your licensing costs by paying only for the cores running your Oracle apps. With IBM PowerVM processor pools, you can also limit the number of processors an uncapped partition can use.

With Oracle Cloud, you could end up paying for add-on services that you don’t want or need. IBM Power Systems technology is some of the most reliable on the planet, and users consistently report lower downtime than for equivalent x86 platforms. With stability on your side, you can avoid the outlay of expensive cloud add-ons such as Oracle RAC.

Keeping an eye on the future

IBM Power Systems is the platform for innovation, and CSI is ideally positioned to help you realise the possibilities. Use it as the foundation for a hybrid multicloud architecture, or to support technologies such as containerisation.

If like many businesses, you rely on a diverse landscape of applications, IBM Power Systems allows you to run them side-by-side on the same physical machine. For example, host your Oracle applications on the same platform and streamline your IT environment.

At CSI, we strive to enable businesses to reach their true potential.

Contact us today, and we can help you understand the benefits of IBM Power Systems for your Oracle applications and beyond.