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G-Cloud 13 for Public Sector Cloud Services

The cloud is so commonplace now that it’s difficult to remember that it was ground-breaking not so long ago. Its popularity in the public sector has been driven largely by the Government Digital Marketplace, or G-Cloud.

In summer 2022, the Crown Commercial Service launched a new digital service called the Public Procurement Gateway (PPG), where the G-Cloud will be accessed, with the latest version G-Cloud 13 going live on 9th November 2022.

G-Cloud 13 launches 9th November 2022

As in previous years, CSI will be part of the foremost marketplace for the UK government to procure cloud-based solutions. The public sector framework allows government departments to easily adopt a cloud-first strategy.

G-Cloud provides prospective buyers with a simple way to identify solutions and service providers, without the need for an intensive and expensive tendering process.

In the same way, suppliers can list services and be awarded contracts directly.

Public Sector cloud service procurement made simple

From cloud-hosting (IaaS and PaaS), cloud software (SaaS) to cloud support, over the last ten years, an estimated £12 billion of cloud services have been procured through G-Cloud.

G-Cloud provides a clear structure of available service in three distinct “lots”:

  • Lot 1: Cloud Hosting (IaaS and PaaS)

This lot includes cloud platform or infrastructure services that help buyers deploy, manage and run software as well as provision and use processing, storage or networking resources.

  • Lot 2: Cloud Software (SaaS)

This lot includes applications that are typically accessed over public or private networks “as a Service”, such as the internet or hosted in the cloud.

  • Lot 3: Cloud Support

This lot includes services that support buyers to implement and maintain their cloud systems.

G-Cloud 13 – Cloud Hosting (IaaS and PaaS) services from CSI

From assessing an organisations readiness to move to the cloud, through to driving efficiencies, increasing resilience and protecting data for those that have already moved, CSI has a comprehensive set of services on G-Cloud 13, including:

  • Data protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Storage as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Cloud reporting
  • Cloud readiness
  • Cloud migration, management and support
  • Cyber security

A One-Stop Shop for the Public Sector

For more details and to visit the G-Cloud digital marketplace, click the button below:

Explore the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

CSI Services – Lot 3: Cloud Support

  • Technical Management
  • Security Policy and Strategy
  • Security Audit
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Planning for Cloud Capacity, Budgeting and Data Growth
  • Planning
  • Organisation Cloud Transition
  • On-going Support CSI ‘PowerCloud’
  • Migration to Hybrid Cloud
  • IT Health Check and Penetration Testing
  • Infrastructure Migration to Cloud Services
  • Cyber Security Services
  • Cloud Setup and Migration
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment and Strategy Service
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Management and Support
  • Centralised Data Dissemination and Quality Assurance Services
  • Business Change and Transition Services
  • Visibility and insight of Cloud Infrastructure to enable transformation
  • Business Analysis for Cloud Services

CSI Services – Lot 1: Cloud Hosting

  • Air Gap Backup and Recovery
  • Amazon Web Services – AWS – Backup as a Service – BaaS
  • Assisted Entry Level Backup – Helix Base
  • Archival, Backup and Disaster Recovery Services
  • Backup as a Service – BaaS
  • Backup and Recovery Services
  • Backup for G-suite
  • Backup for O365
  • Backup Reporting Service – Helix Report
  • Backup to Amazon Web Services – AWS
  • Backup to Microsoft Azure
  • Backup with Disaster Recovery Testing Services
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Backup – Metered Utility Pricing Model
  • Cloud Object Storage
  • Cost Optimised Archiving and Backup Services
  • CSI Backup as a Service – BaaS
  • CSI’s Rubrik as a Service
  • Dell EMC as a Service
  • Dell EMC NetWorker Backup
  • Densify as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service – DRaaS
  • Encrypted Backup and Recovery
  • Encrypted Backup Service
  • Fully Managed Backup
  • Fully Managed Backup and Recovery Service – Helix Enterprise
  • Fully Managed Backup with Air Gap
  • Helix Storage
  • IBM as a Service
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Backup
  • Microsoft Azure Integrated Backup as a Service – BaaS
  • Microsoft Azure Stack
  • NetApp as a Service
  • Ransomware Recovery
  • Storage as a Service
  • Veeam as a Service
  • Zero Day Recovery
  • Zero Day Recovery for G Suite
  • Zero Day Recovery for O365


If you have any queries about how CSI can support your journey to the cloud, or to connect with a CSI expert in Public Sector procurement and projects, please get in touch.

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