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Can your cloud provider handle your complex business needs?

Looking for a Flexible, Secure Cloud Offering?

Finding a flexible and secure cloud offering for complex legacy systems isn’t hard if you know where to look…

There’s no question that planning for business growth today requires powerful and infinite computing. No other resource offers flexibility and scalability to match the cloud. The shift from the data centre and on-premise hardware to the cloud has enabled business operations to transform. Workforces are mobilised, performance is boosted and applications released to market with greater ease. All spurring innovation.

On-premise infrastructure remains in place for many organisations; especially those that operate in heavily regulated industries or are running legacy or complex applications. The simpler choice for these organisations is the move to a private cloud infrastructure. But who thinks the simplest is necessarily the best choice?

Private Cloud…

Dedicated to the needs and goals of a single organisation, the private cloud offers direct control and meets security and regulatory compliance requirements. But it doesn’t provide the speed of public cloud.

The management of the private cloud architecture is in the business’ hands – great for control but this can come at a cost. A company may have to reorganise or increase its IT staff to maintain the network infrastructure and hardware, which takes precious time and focus away from other IT priorities.

The data flow can be limited and productivity restricted if the private cloud can only be accessed from within the corporate network. Plus capacity is often difficult to plan for. This can mean that businesses tend to over-invest, which inevitably becomes very costly in terms of under-utilised resources during times of low demand.

…or Public Cloud

The public cloud offers economies of scale with resources on-demand at affordable prices; simply lease for a monthly fee from an external provider, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or IBM Cloud. The huge advantages include scalability, reliability during peak times and network automation capabilities.

But it’s expensive for larger enterprises who want to utilise a lot of compute power to fuel their complex business processes and new AI-driven technologies. And without direct control you have to trust the third party provides the security and regulatory compliance you need.

How to achieve the best of both Private and Public Cloud?

That’s where the CSI PowerCloud comes in.

Recognising that there’s not a “one size fits all” solution for everything, we enable you to take your business-critical operations to the cloud with the right services and infrastructure for your applications.

CSI integrates multi-cloud environments securely at wire speed. We mitigate risk and simplify compliance. Our leading-edge work with the National Cyber Security Centre shows that we’re equipped to critically manage applications once they’re in the cloud.

Unlike an on-premise private cloud, your cost base is not dictated by peak requirements. CSI PowerCloud enables you to move to a fully opex and on-demand model, meaning that you avoid paying for unused compute. Legacy systems can even benefit from progressive cloud technologies ‘as a service’ – accelerating approval of costs and making the business more agile.

With speed, cost and security in the cloud addressed, it’s time to focus on giving you that perpetual edge on business growth by allowing for innovation. In today’s digital world, this can only be achieved by freeing IT teams up to focus on what’s going to make a difference to your business, adding value to systems and services and making you more profitable.

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