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Benefit from Air-Gapped Protection with IBM Tape Storage

Tape remains ideal as a low-cost, high-volume data storage solution. Plus, it offers ways to help mitigate cyber threats such as ransomware through the use of “air-gapping” and keeping a barrier between your data and your network.

The good news is that innovation within the tape-based data storage platform has remained strong and IBM recently announced the release of new Linear Tape Open (LTO) Ultrium Generation 9 technologies and offerings.

With LTO 9, the data stored on each cartridge grows by 50% and performance increases 11%.

To learn how much you could potentially be saving with IBM tape technology, check out IBM’s personalised estimate TCO tool.

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IBM Tape

Highlights of IBM Tape with the latest LTO 9

  • Achieve up to 45TB data storage per cartridge
  • Ensure optimal data security
  • Support IBM Spectrum Archive data indexes
  • Meet Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium Generation 9 specifications
  • Choose between rewritable and write-once, read-many (WORM) models
  • Use custom, blank and RFID-embedded cartridge labels

Why IBM Tape Storage?

LTO architecture is developed by a consortium of world-class storage producers. Compatible LTO tape drives and media are available from multiple vendors. Purchasing LTO Ultrium data cartridges from IBM provides peace of mind with IBM experience and continued roadmaps. In fact, IBM media and IBM drives are designed together and built to rigorous IBM specifications. Only IBM tape media is tested on all IBM drive and library configurations, increasing the reliability and durability of IBM tape products.

Click for IBM LTO 9 Tape Media Datasheet


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