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What could AI do for your business?

Extract tangible business value with leading-edge technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is moving out of the realms of science fiction and into everyday business. Companies across industries are discovering how AI can augment their processes and assist employees to enable greater productivity, higher efficiency, lower risk and more. Whether you’re yet to dive into AI or want to embed it more deeply into your operations, CSI can help guide you there.

Let’s explore some of the potential applications of AI and the best place to start.

From the obvious to the obscure – industry use cases for AI

There are some things machines will never (we hope!) be better at than people. From empathy to jokes, sometimes the human touch is inimitable. However, machines come into their own for time-consuming, repetitive and/or risky tasks. They don’t get tired, bored or distracted.

Take the healthcare sector. By harnessing AI to analyse medical images, organisations are enabling faster, more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatments. AI is also relieving pressure on subject matter experts such as radiologists, who are in short supply by augmenting what they do and using their expertise to train accurate AI models.

Sectors such as banking and insurance have been using mathematical modelling to find a competitive advantage for decades. But AI is stepping up their efforts, transforming areas such as fraud detection, risk prediction, targeted product sales, etc.

For engineering and utility companies, AI is playing a key role in driving predictive asset maintenance. Using software such as IBM Maximo, which is infused with AI, organisations can boost asset availability, reduce costs and deliver exceptional service continuity to clients. The increasing use of IoT devices generating vast amounts of sensor data is another interesting area where AI could prove very useful – maybe for design improvement or fault prediction and fault cause analysis?

This is just a small selection of industry use cases – the possibilities of AI are truly vast. To put it simply, if you have a large amount of data, you can train an AI model to collect insights, help predict outcomes and automate tasks at scale.

How do you get started, or pick up the pace with AI in your business?

So, the potential is huge – but identifying the right application for AI in your business can be challenging. You may kick off an AI initiative successfully, but struggle to integrate the technology into your operations. CSI can help with either scenario.

We could participate in a discovery workshop with you and IBM to surface the most promising use cases. Alternatively, we can bring in the right AI partners and run a proof of concept exercise using your data, allowing you to see the potential benefits.

For example, you can take advantage of hardware that’s optimised for AI, such as GPU AI accelerated IBM Power Systems servers. There are also IBM Watson APIs available through IBM Cloud Pak for Data that can give you a head-start on AI development.

And you don’t have to procure or maintain AI infrastructure for yourself – taking care of infrastructure is one of our specialties. CSI can either manage your on-premises systems or offer you resources from our cloud.

The barriers to AI are getting lower every day, and we’ll help you vault over the ones that are there.

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