Virtual CISO & Vunerability Assessment

Mitigate risk. Accelerate success. 

Cyber-crime is the threat but success and growth are the goals. Working in partnership with CSI’s certified team allows your enterprise to cost-effectively counter the ever-evolving variety of threats and attack vectors by creating a holistic cyber security immune system that addresses policies and regulatory compliance.

But perhaps most importantly, the unique skill set and experience of our experts enables you to ensure that cyber policies not only align with your corporate objectives but help accelerate them.

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) brings strategic and operational leadership on security but recruiting the right one isn’t always easy or commercially justifiable. CSI’s virtual CISO solves this problem. Whether it’s part-time, on a project or remote basis, your enterprise can now access a pool of industry-leading talent without the recruitment process or cost.

If you have vulnerabilities, CSI can help you find them before cyber criminals do. Based on risk tolerances, our ethical hackers can launch simulated attacks to create penetration testing that proves or disproves beyond doubt your exposure to real-world attack vectors. Based on this new intelligence CSI can develop bespoke approaches designed to increase enterprise visibility of risk as well as implement cost savings through the adoption of appropriate cloud-based mitigation solutions.

Cyber security must adapt to an evolving regulatory landscape. However, if technology and responsibilities are implemented independently of a defined framework, security and compliance can quickly become compromised. And the consequences of non-compliance are increasingly severe. CSI’s Compliance experts can keep your enterprise secure, take the burden of compliance and free you to focus on your core business.

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