Cyber Insights from CSI

Securing Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Platforms

As more businesses extend outside the data centre and consume services in the cloud, their risk exposure increases with the growing threat surface. Whether you adopt a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy, we know it can be difficult to secure your environment without visibility across all hosts and services.

That’s why CSI is partnering with Ignition Technology to perform a domain name based assessment of your security threats and provide you with a report of the findings. 

With experience operating and securing private, hybrid or multi-cloud environments, CSI can guide you through the results of the assessment and provide recommendations on how to reduce your risk exposure.

Gain Visibility of Cyber Vulnerabilities with Ignition Catalyst Insights

Catalyst Insights is a purpose-built platform that improves your security posture by connecting and amalgamating numerous sources of critical security and intelligence data into one simple, navigable pane of glass. Accessed via a fully interactive, responsive web portal, Catalyst Insights is the fast, effective and effortless way to future-proof any organisation from cybersecurity threat.


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To sign up for a free trial, simply complete the form and submit your name & email address.

CSI will use Catalyst Insights to perform a domain name based assessment of your security threats. You will receive the terms and conditions to review and sign digitally before committing to the trial. 

    Our experts will help you through the process and provide a report of the findings following the assessment and present back our recommendations. 

    As well as breach data specific to your own company, you’ll be able to instantly access video guides, documentation, and security tools to help further scan and understand your digital footprint and attack surface.