Cyber Security Strategy and Advice

NCSC Certified Cyber Security Consultants 

CSI’s cyber security advisory services are trusted by clients including those in the UK’s armed forces and government. Evolve Secure Solutions, a CSI group company, is a Certified Cyber Security Consultancy of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Our team of consultants help organisations build the right foundations so that they can go on to implement effective, well-managed, information and cyber security controls.

From high-level strategy, through to detailed ISMS implementations aligned with industry frameworks such as ISO27001, we have the experience necessary to help you lead your organisation’s information security initiative with clarity and confidence.

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Our advisory team works with clients to set the direction of travel for information and cyber security at the highest levels. Tailoring strategy to the context of the client organisation and setting the foundations for successful delivery.

Policies are a critical element in strong information security governance. Our advisory team works with clients to identify areas for improvement in existing policy documents and will assist in the creation and enforcement of policies where required.

Risk assessment, and the methodology by which it is performed, is an equally critical component of good information security governance. CSI’s Evolve Secure Solutions is an NCSC certified risk management consultancy, working with clients to identify and evaluate risk.

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