Cloud Readiness Assessment

Leveraging CSI’s Cloud Readiness Assessment helps you realise the maximum value from your existing infrastructure and future cloud investments.

Our cloud readiness assessment service has been specifically designed to provide clients with the help needed to create and execute a business objective aligned cloud strategy.

We work in partnership with our clients’ internal IT teams to guide them through each step of their transformation journey, whilst avoiding any pitfalls that new technology and process change can uncover.

By applying thorough environmental analysis techniques and tooling, CSI facilitates focused workshops with your teams to assess your current (‘as-is’) and help design your target (‘to-be’) operating model.

Along the way we will work in partnership to correctly size the proposed environment, financially model proposed consumption across different strategy outcomes and use our experience to simplify your planning services.

Our relatively low-cost services enable huge business and organisational benefits that really can turbo-charge your digital transformation initiatives!

By partnering with CSI at an early stage, you’ll end up with a more controlled, efficient, highly automated, and cost-effective transformation outcome than trying it alone, without our team of experts at your side.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Cloud Readiness Assessment Methodology

Our tried and tested cloud assessment methodology employs unique CSI in-house IP alongside Microsoft, Gartner, and AWS best-practice framework compliance, and includes:

  • Business Driver Analysis – this helps us understand the outcomes you want to achieve as an organisation from cloud and digital transformation
  • Requirements Analysis – taking your business drivers and required technology outcomes, we overlay cloud architecture patterns and service capabilities in order to develop a scope of transformation
  • IT Environment Analysis – we review existing applications, capture performance statistics and develop an Application Readiness Assessment of existing workloads
  • Risk and Compliance Identification – it’s crucial we understand your specific company, partner, industry or regulatory governance requirements and how they may impact the strategy or be mitigated within the overall strategy design
  • Gap Analysis – we compare where you are today and which areas within your business, sourcing, management and technology capabilities need focus – plus we’ll perform financial modelling of any proposed services at this point
  • Roadmap – once the proposed technology services have been reviewed in a workshop, we provide a detailed step-by-step roadmap guide to your cloud migration including, sourcing strategy, financial modelling, design considerations and migration wave planning.

By using a best-of-breed agile approach, we guide clients through the review, planning, and building of a successful cloud strategy, This enables businesses to fully visualise, develop and prepare for a hybrid cloud architecture aligned to industry recognised standards.

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