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Managed Hybrid Multicloud Services

For many organisations, the benefits of cloud computing are well understood: cost savings, scalability, and flexibility. For those companies, the question is not whether to move to the cloud, but how to decide which cloud provider is the best fit. For others, the decision is more complex. Bespoke applications running on-premise systems can represent a significant investment and the potential cost of business disruption is significant.

Organisations are striving to adapt without risking ongoing operations or exhausting already stretched budgets. IT modernisation is critical to compete in the digital economy, but legacy systems can’t simply be picked up and dropped into a public cloud.

Today’s enterprise IT architectures combine many operating systems and infrastructure options: Windows on x86 systems from Lenovo; IBM i and AIX on IBM Power Systems and Linux running on both. And any of these can be located on-premise, in private or hyperscale public clouds. A hybrid multicloud architecture can stabilise existing workloads while delivering an efficient development platform for new cloud-native applications.

Hybrid multicloud for digital transformation and optimisation

Enterprise efforts to adopt cloud services often stall at the proof of concept stage – and without a clear direction for the cloud journey, even positive experiments don’t always convert into a business case for accelerated migration. With no one-size-fits-all technology solution, a well-defined multicloud strategy can lead to valuable short-term optimisation as well as long-term business transformation. Cloud should not be seen as a destination; it is an enabling platform for agility and growth.

Organisations do not need to sacrifice the security and control of dedicated environments in order to benefit from cloud flexibility. A hybrid multicloud strategy combines a private cloud with the most appropriate hyperscale public cloud services. In this way, the pace of change can be regulated, and run-rate business protected.

Disruption leads to innovation

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in some fundamental changes to working conditions and this disruption has underlined the idea that the cloud isn’t a goal for the future. New challenges have accelerated plans to adapt processes, but compliance and security must keep pace with platform evolution. Rushing into migration without a clear strategy can ultimately cost more than expected – a successful approach must balance speed with efficiency.

Innovative technology contributes to addressing the joint challenge of momentum and security. IT automation solutions from Ansible, Chef or Terraform can build and maintain compute infrastructure at a rate impossible to match manually, while containerisation packages up software code and dependencies so that workloads can run uniformly and consistently in any environment.

Mapping the cloud journey

Matching business goals to hybrid multicloud capabilities are important skills that complement technical expertise. CSI has been managing critical and regulated workloads in private and public clouds for many years with knowledge from initial planning to an efficient migration and then ongoing cloud operations and optimisation. We know that every application has its own characteristics and can protect investment while introducing new solutions.

Our managed services are designed to reduce your IT and security headaches. Our approach allows organisations to meet changing demands, increasing or scaling back resources, effectively controlling capacity and cost. 

Why Lenovo & CSI?

CSI’s expertise spans every scenario from greenfield deployment of Microsoft Azure and other public clouds, implementation and integration of private clouds, as well as remote management of on-premises infrastructure and traditional hosting.

Our investment and partnership in Lenovo solutions are critical to our success in managing x86 platforms. The Lenovo technology solutions mean we can offer extremely high levels of performance, availability and reliability to deliver the services our clients demand.


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