Transform with an IBM Platinum Partner.

IBM is a household name in the technology market, whether that’s storage, compute, AI, the cloud, or cyber security.

For 40 years, since 1983, CSI has been guiding the UK through transformative journeys with strategic and technological support, advice and guidance.

Aligning behind the same vision, IBM and CSI’s platinum partnership is not only award-winning and celebrated, but it is revered for helping deploy and manage intelligent technologies behind the scenes. A reputation for service excellence and innovation, it is not just about the technologies that businesses use every day. With our outcomes-based approach, our partnership puts the emphasis on helping enterprises become more secure, compliant, smarter, and agile than before.

Join the transformation leaders and reshape what technologies can do for your businesses today.

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How Our IBM Platinum Partnership Creates Change

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years in partnerhip with leading technology collaborators like IBM.

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of our team are in dedicated service delivery roles, ensuring an unrivalled partner experience.

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clients that have entrusted our IBM solutions.


CSI is a platinum IBM Business Partner specialising in IBM Power Systems

Key IBM Channel Partners. 

CSI and IBM align behind an exclusive vision to help global enterprises transform for the better. We jointly believe that IT has the innovative power to reshape how a business modernises, scales, and secures itself against today’s most pressing threats. Ultimately, we understand that technologies need to bolster the ability for a business to  grow and sustain profitability.

CSI’s coveted status as a Platinum Partner doesn’t end on recognition of its technical capabilities. We deliver continuous value by working closely as an IBM channel partner, collaborating and coordinating with key sellers across the wider IBM product and service ecosystem.

As part of our mission to transform the world with IBM technologies, we want to hear from IBM client directors.

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Complicated Workloads. Innovative Solutions.

Our 40-year strong partnership with IBM has helped to transform businesses in new, meaningful ways. One of our “most innovative” Hybrid Cloud Solutions, for example, helped ISV’s market modernised services for mission-critical, highly regulated applications – supporting those in exacting industries to evolve.

Not only a modernising engine, our cloud solutions via IBM have been recognised and celebrated before. The market has, through our deep technological partnerships and engagements, seen enrichment in the kinds of solutions that key IT professionals need. From application developers, to CISOs, we engage in different conversations to ensure our sense of innovation is benchmarked to market needs and desires.

Driving cost-efficiencies, performance, resiliency, and reliability – to name a few outcomes – across the UK market and beyond, CSI is proud to leverage its Platinum Partnership status to prioritise client success.

Forty years of partnership with IBM.